Watch out for Agency Rosseel, a SCAM web design firm out of Worcester, Massachusetts!

It is run by Charles Rosseel, aka Chuck Rosseel, who has a long history of scamming, which you can read about if you google him and the word scam!

He promised me a professional website for $499 and an effective SEO job. Instead, he delivered an ugly, awful piece of trash product which took him 5 minutes to design on Wordpress.

When I raised issue on the phone, he got belligerent, started yelling at me and threatening me, and used all kinds of profanity. He then told me he was going to write all kinds of horrible things about me on the internet, and use his SEO skills to ruin my name for life, if I were to try to report this anywhere.

Well, I'm not intimidated. I'm stating the truth here about Agency Rosseel in Worcester, MA, and warning everyone to stay away!

Hire anyone but this guy! Don't make the mistake I did!