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Some at another board and suggesting suicide. I don’t know Woods well, but giving him the benefit of the doubt here and thinking No or hope not.
I don't think so. Plenty of cliffs in the area if he wants to do that.

I knew two guys who drove off those cliffs intentionally in the 80s. One was an acquaintance at school who I didn't know all that well, but we knew of each other. I did know his best friend very well. The guy told his friend he was going to drive off a cliff, and his friend thought he was joking. Brutal. I felt so bad for the friend.

The other person to have driven off the cliffs was a friend I made off BBSes in the late 80s. That guy lived in the next town over, and we kinda lost touch for about a year. Then I'm reading the local paper about a "local teenager" killing himself by driving over the cliff, and I couldn't believe who it was. Pretty shocking.

Anyway, crossing the road with no cars on the other side and ending up on an uphill embankment isn't exactly a ticket to sure death.