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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/20/2021 - Cancellation Department

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/20/2021 - Cancellation Department

    (Topic begins at 0:20:42 mark): Negreanu and Hellmuth will play the next high profile heads up match, but is it what it seems to be?.... (0:46:23): What Would Druff Do? PFA listener writes in about $12,000 Superbowl ticket disaster on Stubhub.... (1:40:19): Hilarious prank call to foreign "computer tech support" scammers.... (2:02:06): McCarran Airport named after former Senator Harry Reid.... (2:33:24): Update: Lee "AHoosierA" Bradbury had another court hearing involving Christopher Mitchell and frivolous restraining order.... (2:55:55): Call from "Mary", who claims Ignition froze her account due to the wrongdoing of the affiliate she signed up through.... (3:25:43): JC Pearson, Puggy's brother, has passed away at 87 -- and he was also a poker pro.... (3:52:29): Flashback: Druff tells poker player at Wynn in 2012 to sell 1000 BTC, after being asked for advice.... (4:07:03): Four Las Vegas hotels resume normal operations after previous midweek shutdown policy.... (4:17:54): Cosmopolitan hotel fire on 51st floor causes injuries.... (4:26:53): Man hits $1.1 million jackpot on table game at Tropicana Atlantic City, tips $50,000.... (4:57:04): Tennessee Lottery voids numerous bets at regulated books, closes 74 accounts, citing that they were "illegal".... (5:06:08): Johns Hopkins scientist believes COVID will be "mostly gone" by April.... (5:20:22): Pfizer vaccine no longer has to be stored at -94 degree temperatures.... (5:29:21): Call from listener "Craig" about his experience with the COVID vaccine.... (5:40:41): Biden Administration flubbing messaging about vaccine, drawing grim picture of post-vaccine life.... (6:14:23): Editorial: What is a real Republican?.... tradershky co-hosts the first portion of the show.

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