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    Bathroom stall

    I was taking a dump on day at a rest stop when my company dispatcher called me up wondering where the hell I was. So I told her, and we had a nice little fight for a couple of minutes which wasnt unusual but for some reason rubbed me the wrong way that day. So I decided to be an ass-hole. I took my sharpie and wrote in the stall wall, FOR A GOOD TIME CALL COLLEEN, TERRY, AND VICKI. Then I wrote the company's 800 below it and went on my way. Dont know why I put the other girls names there. My day to be a dick.

    I had forgotten all about this until a few days later, Colleen is upset because shes getting all these nasty phone calls. She was a really sweet girl too and I felt bad about it. So that afternoon I go erase the message. But that didnt stop the calls. They went on for years.

    This is the first time Ive admitted to anybody what happened.

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    Pity Collen. You owe her a lot and be safe next time lol

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    OP is a jerk
    Businesses that make money by collecting & selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as "surveillance companies." Their rebranding as "social media" is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

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