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Thread: Willie Nelson won so much at poker...

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    Willie Nelson won so much at poker...

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    I love Willie. A friend of mine owns a country music station. A couple of years ago he took my wife and I to see Willie. We had amazing seats....2nd row dead center. I managed to catch Willie’s headband when he threw it. During songs people would approach the stage and throw joints onto it. After the song Willie would pick them up, smile and put them in his shirt pocket. Name:  48382B47-7F0C-4149-AF3C-B964D8B786DD.jpeg
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    "I wouldn't trade places with Marty for all the money in the world, and I m a nigger.

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    I remember an LVRJ article many years ago about Willie dumping like 600K one night playing blackjack in Vegas when he was doing a show there.
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