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Thread: WSOP bracelet winner Ivan Deyra banned for multiaccounting on Winamax

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    WSOP bracelet winner Ivan Deyra banned for multiaccounting on Winamax

    Apparently its related to and incident where he won a 2k Euro event on Winamax but was using two accounts and won the tournament using his fathers account after he busted his own account in the tournament. His statement was as follows:

    Faced with overwhelming evidence, Deyra released a statement confirming that he indeed played the Super High Roller on two accounts, winning on his father's account, with Winamax banning both accounts. The 83,300 from the Super High Roller win, along with prize money from two other tournaments Deyra cashed in, were subsequently redistributed to affected players.

    As a result, his contract with Winamax, which was due to expire in June, has been terminated immediately.

    In the statement, Deyra cuts a contrite and disconsolate figure, saying his punishment was "heavy, very heavy" but also "logical and understandable."

    Full article here on


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    we see him next month... I bet he still wear the patch... we seee..

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