very strong analysis.

banner points..:

- alt-right is 100% republican base (remember when there were libertarians refusing to 'take a side'? those voices are now sidelined perm.)

- 3 factions:

- proudboys are basically weaponizing maga & qanon to use as cannon fodder / human shields

- flynn is their psychological lynch-pin. hes the 'man in the know'; he is a q cheerleader and trump's right hand and has all the right credentials to pass himself off as the new alt-right messiah. hes also dangerously unstable, accent on dangerously; was offering to rendition US citizen to turkey for money not so long ago.

- this is the new threat. islamic jihad is nothing compared to this, its no longer really on the radar. ask yourself honestly what percentage of qanons wouldnt suicide bomb themselves at this point? i think by a very conservative count we are talking about hundreds of american honkeys who would strap on a vest if someone qdropped instructions to do so (or if flynn pointed at a string of gibberish and explained that its instructions on how to 'take out' enemies of the new crusade).

- its clear that law enforcement and the military have qanon True Believers embedded in them. even if they all pass on violence, they would feel morally obligated to compromise operations to neutralize threats. thats going to be a problem.

personal analysis;

we are about to give up a lot of rights/liberties we took for granted. once the first schizophrenic qanon adherent blows themselves up at the next BLM march, concepts like privacy are going to be swept aside by necessity. the basic tenets of asymmetrical warfare are going to dictate societal responses and suffice to say the ACLU is going to stroke out completely. biden/harris (whichever one is in charge in 6 months) will have no choice but to legitimize the sorts of secret courts that the fringers have been wringing their hands about for decades. because if they dont create those courts, there will be an absolutely endless flood of fatalities.

so yeah if you need me ill be over here stocking up on canned goods and avoiding crowds for a minute.