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Thread: Southpoint Casino in NV given OK to begin web poker

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    Southpoint Casino in NV given OK to begin web poker

    Nevada’s five-member Gaming Commission has given South Point Casino the first license to operate intrastate web poker in United States gambling history. Unlike many of its soon-to-be competitors, the Silver State casino company isn’t relying on a third-party firm to run its games.

    The license comes about 16 months after the U.S. Department of Justice kicked out the major offshore online poker sites operating in the country.

    South Point is out in front on the industry thanks to its decision to go with in-house software.

    “We built this home-grown in Nevada from scratch, to the regulations,” a technology expert for the company told regulators Thursday. He added that South Point has “pretty cool technology” for Geo-location — one of the key issues for intrastate gambling in cyberspace.

    “South Point Poker is grateful for this opportunity,” an attorney for the company said, adding that it hopes to be the first site to open its doors in Nevada, occurring as early as October.

    The company fielded a handful of questions from Nevada’s gaming commissioners with regards to player verification and self-exclusion lists, quickly satisfying the inquiries.

    South Point said that it has taken precautions to make sure it could handle a huge influx of players at first, since it will be the first site in the market.

    “We want to make sure it’s done correctly because what you do might have an impact on what others do later,” Commission Chairman Peter Bernhard said.

    The three-member Gaming Control Board approved South Point earlier this month.

    Once its technology is signed off on by a third-party testing lab, South Point will be ready to flip on the switch. The company said that it’s in the “second pass” of technology inspection.

    The casino has been offering free-play games for months via third-party software, but that relationship will be ditched once its own real-money play begins. South Point will still run a free-play site nationwide in conjunction with its real-money action in Nevada.

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    Has anyone used the software yet?

    Is it shit? Something tells me that it will be shit -- at least at first.

    This will be a very interesting exercise to see a few things:

    1) Will the site be active? Will there really be enough players physically in Nevada to consistently provide games, especially at the high limits?

    2) How many out-of-state pros will utilize their friends in Vegas to play through remote desktop software? How much effort will South Point put into detecting this, or will they just be checking IPs?

    3) Will this be open only to Nevada residents with a Nevada ID? Or will this be open to everyone who can manage to be physically present in the state of Nevada?

    4) Will South Point set up terminals in their hotel to where guests can play online poker?

    Anyone have an idea when this will open?

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    Good news for everyone even all us outside of Nevada as this is the first step in legalization to other areas and eventually the entire country.

    I know they had some free roll wsop shit which just from what I heard a few people said their software was bad but it's probably comparable to shit like bovada but hopefully they when they launch it to Nevada for real money it will be much improved.

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    this article says the software will be completely diff from the current bs free junk...also will have social media features

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