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Congress keeps playing chicken with a rule that could torpedo the economy. Here's what the debt ceiling is — and why it's so dangerous.


The great economy is over on September 30th 2021.

The debt ceiling will not be raised again.

Republicans want to torpedo the economy and blame the Democrats for it in order to get back in power.

It's all part of Mitch McConnell's great plan.

At least I won't have to listen to another real estate agent boast about how much money they are making. Fuck you piece of shit motherfuckers.

Recession Triggered

Zero point zero chance they don’t get a deal done. Wall St. will throw a shit fit if they don’t. Who do you think runs this country?
Oh look, Cocaine Mitch caved:

On Wednesday, the minority leader abruptly caved and released his cynical stranglehold on essential legislation to lift the nation’s borrowing limit, less than two weeks before the United States would have had to default on debts incurred by presidents and Congresses of both parties, provoking turmoil worldwide.