The Daniel Negreanu & Doug Polk match is coming up on November 4.!/x/status/1321606464981536768

Anyway, I'm interested in the sidebetting situation. The going-rate odds have ranged between Negreanu +500 and Negreanu +400.!/x/status/1321556563648081920

I have thought about it and decided I would like to bet on Daniel. I think he is good enough to be better than a big dog of that level.

Anyone interested in betting the other side?

I am offering anyone -425/+425 (you bet 425 to win 100 on Polk). $100 minimum, maximum to be determined.

I already offered this on Twitter and have one possible taker (not a PFA person).

Please do NOT use this thread to undercut my line. You can do that on your own site or social media account.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the match itself, or give commentary as it goes on.