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Thread: WSOP, PokerstsrsNJ, PartyPokerNJ, all have massive geolocation failure

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    WSOP, PokerstsrsNJ, PartyPokerNJ, all have massive geolocation failure

    Yesterday I was somewhat deep in the online circuit event, playing from my phone when I got a message..."we are having trouble verifying your location"

    I was not connected to wifi, so I connect to the wifi at the location I was at.....I get the same message.

    I hurry and drive home (about 20 minutes) and connect to WSOP from my home pc which is connected via ethernet....same issue.

    I can open the lobby and see myself blinding out, but it seems I'm not the only one.

    I look on 2+2 and twitter, and multiple pros are saying the same thing. It just didnt happen to WSOP though. It happened to all US facing sites that use the geolocation software.

    PartyPokerNJ suspended their tournaments, but WSOP did not. Some players were able to stay connected and took advantage of it, and the tournament played to a winner.

    Will update here on what the result is.

    I should be issued a refund at the very least

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    "Donk down, thatís what you say to someone after they have lost 28K straight?" - Phil Hellmuth, online

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    Wsop support has gone from bad over the years to even worse. Itís impossible to get in touch with anyone in a timely manner.

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    I wake up this morning to find an email stating the investigation is complete and my account was credited with the $320 BI back.

    I log in, and the money is not in there.

    I call support and am told "I see you received the email, we need to investigate why you didn't receive it. LOL

    The fact that I just got my money back is straight ridiculous . The event was out of late reg. 50 paid and I was in 24th at the time of disconnect w/ like 90 left. Sure ANYTHING could have happened....

    There's a guy that won $35k and a ring out there that somehow stayed connected and stole peoples blinds.

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    same for me wasn't refunded when it stated i was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erin Micunt View Post
    Wsop support has gone from bad over the years to even worse. Itís impossible to get in touch with anyone in a timely manner.
    took over three months to get nowhere with being locked out by GEO LOC. on a Mac-book air.
    From May 24th thru Aug.
    Then finally, and no they never helped at all, useless gobbley gook emails,,,,
    finally, got a throwaway laptop for 150 bucks, cleaned out and installed WSOP and POKerstars. only. nothing else...
    gd luck...

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    Question for druff for radio, how wide of a scope does DGE have for wsop issues? For instance I would think this falls under it because there is actual money involved. But I assume they don't have a say in just poor customer service in general (timely response times) I would think there needs to be some type of actual monetary situation for them to get actively involved?

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