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Thread: Is Phil Ivey the GOAT?

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    Is Phil Ivey the GOAT?


    Been thinking about modern day perception towards racism since BLM has been forced on us and how it weighs up against the facts without getting into the politics of it.

    By definition it’s racist to say that any given race is genetically superior to another in any particular field - however, it’s undeniable that the best Black sprinters are faster than the best white sprinters given that every 100m dash final in major competitions (Olympics, World Championships etc) is not only won but entirely contested by Black athletes.

    On the contrary Swimming is dominated by white athletes.

    Obviously a genetic thing where Blacks have faster twitch muscle fibres for a sprinting advantage and Whites have less bone density for swimming.

    So it’s not racist to say these racial groups are superior at their given field as the history books don’t lie with regard the timing metric by which they are measured by.

    Now to the thread title.

    Poker is a white dominated game, just like chess, however Phil Ivey for many years was considered the greatest player in the world for his achievements in terms of money won in cash games and tournaments.

    I understand in recent years his achievements may have been somewhat surpassed, and the GTO online wizards have claimed to be the best technically - but, Ivey was and still is one of the most successful and well known poker players similar to Tiger Woods in a way who was also an anomaly in that he dominated a game that has always been contested at the top levels by predominately white players.

    Poker is a bit more subjective when talking about who is the greatest; you can draw parallels to rap music where the main metric for success is measured by money earned and in which case Eminem would be regarded as the best in that category even though White rappers are generally considered inferior to Black rappers as the hip hop culture where it originated is essentially Black culture.

    The old stereotypes are that white boys can’t jump (basketball), white boys can’t fight (boxing), and white boys can’t rap. The sweet science of boxing less so as there have been plenty world champion White boxers but Blacks still consider themselves to have an edge there due to their natural athleticism.

    I figure all the posters on this site are white but for the sake of any Black readers I’m not trying to race bait rather generate serious discussion on the matter.

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    Phil Ivey doesn't really care about tournament poker and bracelets.

    Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and many other well known poker pros are backed by Paul Phua.

    They fly around the world in his private jet and play games against high rolling businessmen.

    They promote his poker tournaments for Triton Poker and a casino in Montenegro.

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    Eh Tom, the good twink days have passed you by
    It is in my bones which sucks so can make it hard to move sometimes. Trying to spend as much time with friends and family.

    Quote Originally Posted by big dick View Post

    idk how old your kid is but i know teenagers carry more viral load than anyone

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    also ivey is busto and the best heavyweight boxer on the planet is a white man so get fucked regtard

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