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Thread: Cloudbet Confiscating $15,000 In Bitcoin Cash (67BCH) Deposited By Efxes For USA Citizenship Documentation KYC

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    Exclamation Cloudbet Confiscating $15,000 In Bitcoin Cash (67BCH) Deposited By Efxes For USA Citizenship Documentation KYC

    this is a long post, please see the twoplustwo thread:

    __________________________________________________ __

    i initially lied about being in mexico and only having the one winning account but in reality i had ana ccount 18 months prior to this that was a USA account but they stopped accepting USA customers whil ei was betting ther eand kicked me off because of it
    so i VPN'd in 18 months later, won a bunch of money, they banned me and said they didn't owe me any money back. I deposited around 80 BCH and went to withdraw 67 BCH and they're confiscating all of it. Here's some of the info. I made a mistake lying about Mexico initially and it only being my one account. I shouldn't have lied initially but looking back it seems extremely common that people make up a story desperate to get paid what they feel is rightly theirs. Details below.

    I had an account 18 months before I made the account. I hadn't bet at the site for 18 months and since I'm being truthful about EVERYTHING, one day I received a message when I went to log in that the account was closed or something due to being a USA customer.

    So 18 months later I made the account on a VPN. I had never been KYC'd before.

    According to my tallies via my emails, example screenshot here:

    you can look at full transaction histories and tallies here from 18 months before i opened the efxes account about 3 months ago:

    In total I tallied that I made 198 deposits and 37 withdrawals and

    Lost 2.6858 (negative -2.6858 BTC)

    Cloudbet: please feel free to verify the transaction history on that account. Here's a screenshot of one of the emails i used to tally this up.

    Here's the tallies from the official spreadsheet of the account, sent to me by head of customer service:

    Here's what 10.7 bch is worth in bitcoin:

    So I am up 1.75 bitcoins total (that is including the value of the bch) in the account.

    I am down -2.6858 according to cloudbet's calculations in the account.

    This puts me as a lifetime loser on cloudbet at

    1.75 profit minus 2.6858 losses

    I am adding the screenshots of each email to each line in the spreadsheet to verify that these emails are real. I am requesting that Cloudbet verify my lifetime losses on over the 2-3 years I had the account. I made 198 deposits and 37 withdrawals and lost a total of 2.68 bitcoins there.


    Unofficial from 2017-2019 account deposits and withdrawals

    All email screenshots are being included, all 198 deposit email screenshots and 37 withdrawal screenshots.

    Official from 6/22/20 to 9/22/20 here direct from Cloudbet:

    [size=24pt]So if this is the case, I was a long-time loyal customer 18 months before before I even thought to use a VPN in order to play on Cloudbet. They closed my account since I used it from USA. I shouldn't have, but I opened an account 18 months later in order to finally get back on Cloudbet. So yes, I had two accounts. But looking at my account i had lost 2.7 bitcoins there anyways. So I'm down overall on the site so this means that I should be due my money back.[/size]

    If you don't want to click into the spreadsheet and you want to see all the proof of the deposits and withdrawals on the

    here is the imgur post with 240 deposits from 2017 to January of 2019

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