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Thread: Cloudbet Confiscating $15,000 In Bitcoin Cash (67BCH) Deposited By Efxes For USA Citizenship Documentation KYC

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    Exclamation Cloudbet Confiscating $15,000 In Bitcoin Cash (67BCH) Deposited By Efxes For USA Citizenship Documentation KYC

    this is a long post, please see the twoplustwo thread:

    __________________________________________________ __

    i initially lied about being in mexico and only having the one winning account but in reality i had ana ccount 18 months prior to this that was a USA account but they stopped accepting USA customers whil ei was betting ther eand kicked me off because of it
    so i VPN'd in 18 months later, won a bunch of money, they banned me and said they didn't owe me any money back. I deposited around 80 BCH and went to withdraw 67 BCH and they're confiscating all of it. Here's some of the info. I made a mistake lying about Mexico initially and it only being my one account. I shouldn't have lied initially but looking back it seems extremely common that people make up a story desperate to get paid what they feel is rightly theirs. Details below.

    I had an account 18 months before I made the account. I hadn't bet at the site for 18 months and since I'm being truthful about EVERYTHING, one day I received a message when I went to log in that the account was closed or something due to being a USA customer.

    So 18 months later I made the account on a VPN. I had never been KYC'd before.

    According to my tallies via my emails, example screenshot here:

    you can look at full transaction histories and tallies here from 18 months before i opened the efxes account about 3 months ago:

    In total I tallied that I made 198 deposits and 37 withdrawals and

    Lost 2.6858 (negative -2.6858 BTC)

    Cloudbet: please feel free to verify the transaction history on that account. Here's a screenshot of one of the emails i used to tally this up.

    Here's the tallies from the official spreadsheet of the account, sent to me by head of customer service:

    Here's what 10.7 bch is worth in bitcoin:

    So I am up 1.75 bitcoins total (that is including the value of the bch) in the account.

    I am down -2.6858 according to cloudbet's calculations in the account.

    This puts me as a lifetime loser on cloudbet at

    1.75 profit minus 2.6858 losses

    I am adding the screenshots of each email to each line in the spreadsheet to verify that these emails are real. I am requesting that Cloudbet verify my lifetime losses on over the 2-3 years I had the account. I made 198 deposits and 37 withdrawals and lost a total of 2.68 bitcoins there.


    Unofficial from 2017-2019 account deposits and withdrawals

    All email screenshots are being included, all 198 deposit email screenshots and 37 withdrawal screenshots.

    Official from 6/22/20 to 9/22/20 here direct from Cloudbet:

    [size=24pt]So if this is the case, I was a long-time loyal customer 18 months before before I even thought to use a VPN in order to play on Cloudbet. They closed my account since I used it from USA. I shouldn't have, but I opened an account 18 months later in order to finally get back on Cloudbet. So yes, I had two accounts. But looking at my account i had lost 2.7 bitcoins there anyways. So I'm down overall on the site so this means that I should be due my money back.[/size]

    If you don't want to click into the spreadsheet and you want to see all the proof of the deposits and withdrawals on the

    here is the imgur post with 240 deposits from 2017 to January of 2019

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    You can follow this thread even though it's a mess with me initially just saying i have been in mexico desperate to get paid back what i deposited to the site that day.

    and in the official cloudbet thread everyone has flagged cloudbet because there's a bunch of other upset people about them confiscating my deposits. It's money I couldn't afford to lose. Here's why:

    Link to this below confession post here:

    OK guys, this is me coming clean. I'm an honest person and this whole case and the money lost has been eating me up inside. I haven't been honest about multiple things so it's time to come clean. I don't agree with freerolling a winning account's last deposits, and as a human being I can justify so many things and rationalize so many things in my head. But I can't stay in a lie, I am a free spirited musician and enjoy just living a peaceful life. So I have to confess multiple things to you guys, and I wish I did this from the start- I was desperate to get my money back and didn't know if I could get it back any other way. Money doesn't come easy to me.

    1. i have never been to Mexico in my life. I have been playing out of San Francisco area the whole time through VPN.
    2. I'm a well-known poker player in the bitcoin community that goes by tennisCHAMP or tennis known as an all out degen. Used to be dice, but for the longest time it's been sports. I quit casino gambling a long time ago and I figured out how to pretty consistently win at tennis betting at the higher levels like ATP and WTA and Grand Slam. I've won SWC Poker BigBTC and streaming challenges for thousands in bitcoin , and I've been into bitcoin more than anything ever since I arrived there. I used to vlog a bit and I was driving full time Uber for years here in SF. $15,000 is a fortune to me and it scares me how much I was willing to lie about in order to get paid (even if I feel it's rightly mine, lying just isn't me and I couldn't really keep going with this without unravelling).

    3. I had an account a couple years ago on Cloudbet and they banned me for being a USA IP with no money in the account one day they just said we don't accept you, so I started VPN'ing in after a couple years off the site. I had lost so many bitcoins it was unbelievable.

    4. I sent in real documents from USA, thinking they'd just give me my money back and ban me from the site. That was not the case, so I started panicking and sent them in the fake note and stuff about Mexico. This really crossed my threshold for how far I was willing to go and I lost it after I sent in the utility bill with the changed address- I don't like dealing with fake documents and doing this stuff.

    5. The reality is that as I mentioned, I have been a tennis teacher and an Uber driver and a starving musician for years. A year and a half ago my Nissan Leaf got hit and I got an insurance check for $8,000 which I ran up to $150,000 in bitcoin on Nitrogen Sports within a few days betting tennis. I bet like $5,000 on Fabio Fognini to beat Nadal in the semi's of Monte Carlo and he hit straight sets and moneyline and I won like $75,000.. Nitrogen Sports has since severely limited my 2001 account (one of the first to register to Nitrogen Sports through Bitcointalk). I won and lost all that money within only 3 days, never even really cashing out to USD and a week later that money would have been worth $450,000. I've not had a day go by where I don't think about the money I missed out on every hour, especially being so job skill-less and only really having played poker and bet sports as a means of possibly some day making good money (though I do make websites and am getting better at that). When I just ran up $1,300 into $40,000 in a week at Cloudbet, constantly withdrawing in order to secure all the funds and re-depositing, I thought I'd never look back again. I was doing quite well managing but when I had the $15,000 stolen from Cloudbet, I went on tilt and lost the remaining $15,000 and am now back to square one as always have been my entire 34 years of existence.

    6. I am cloudbetscamsDOTCOM on bitcointalk and the person who put up after being advised by people who dealt with the 330btc scam case from Cloudbet and other people in the poker community who said my only real recourse is to go out Cloudbet from all angles in order to hope to get their attention and get paid. The more shady stuff I uncovered, the more enraged I got and I really want people to know not to deposit to this site because of these things. I don't know what's going to happen with the site but I need to come completely clean.

    Cloudbet, I will give you permission to post everything you want about me. I am well known as 'tennis' from SWC Poker and in the bitcoin community. Some people will recognize me if they are OG poker players. So I'm not really fearing anything. I feel awful about lying, not to you guys but to myself (and also to you guys). So I'm coming clean mostly because I live such a clean life free of doing bad stuff, I have so many interests and hobbies, degenerate sports betting is jsut one of them. Though I'm becoming massively sharp at betting tennis I will admit- every other sport I lose loads at. And I don't really even beat poker any more, though I do have an occasional God run on stream with people cheering me on at SWC poker.

    Cloudbet: feel free to post the information you need to the public about my USA IP's, as I admit I have never even been to Mexico in my life. I was born in Brazil and it's always been a dream to get back there, but I haven't done much traveling except for jazz band tours and stuff all over Europe having played with BB King and stuff in Switzerland in a fluke but was so fun, I'm a professional saxophonist and beat maker.

    You can post the transaction histories to clear that up, Idunno about posting my home IP but you can feel free to post the general locations all that to show that i was in the USA.

    Beyond that, I still feel that I should be paid. I hope I am not upsetting people and I should have been forthright from the start. Money can truly bring out the worst in people, and it did in me. I wanted to say anything just to get paid because I thought I was justified. I felt like the angles and laws surrounding them preying on me for the TOS was not fair. Waiting for me to deposit a large sum, I was obviously trying to leave a dent in their book- so they played the we can actually legally steal this money back.

    But this is about the confession and the go ahead to release all the information. Like I said, I used to vlog as 'tennis' in the bitcoin community documenting my uber driving and saxophone playing and music making. Only a few people saw those but in general i'm not scared of a little fame or notoriety. I still feel I'm owed the deposits on the account and I hope that the community will agree with me on that. It's not fair to freeroll USA players so in my mind I justified lying to everyone, even if not so well on purpose, about being in "mexico" and stuff.

    I'm here to answer any questions all week now that I'm being honest. The monkey is off my back.

    I apologize to everyone. To SBR, to Twoplustwo, to Bitcointalk. It was not right for me to say wahtever i needed to say in order to try and get the money back. I still feel that I should be owed every penny. It's not fair.

    I'm here to answer any and all questions you have and giving Cloudbet the go ahead to release whatever they need to the public about why I shouldn't be due my deposits back. I still feel that I am owed them.

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    Including the 67bch ($15,000) that's being withheld from me, and then factoring in the fact that I owe them 0.26 BTC ($3,000) for a misgrade, I am down approximately $25k to the site. if they release these funds to me i will still be down approximately $11k (.9btc+) to the site. thus, their statement that i rcvd more in deposits than withdrawals is FALSE. i have proof, screenshots, showing that this is false. i apologize for lying in the beginning, i was scared, but now i am being completely truthful and showing proof. i am willing to take as long as it takes to resolve this, and would appreciate any kind words or support from anyone

    and i understand that i may not get anything back but i still hold my claim, and will forever hold it, unless they resolve this with me.

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    So long story short. You were on the site betting when you admit you shouldn’t have been. Attempted to circumvent their denial of US Players (which is kinda funny to me when they are using crypto which by definition of the US Govt Doesn’t equate to currency). You knew what you were doing. You couldn’t have been naive of how sites have handled situations like yours in the past. If this was even on one of those TV judge shows it would be a slam dunk “Judgement for the Defendant” (Cloudbet).

    Side note people give me shit for my rambling bouncing off the walls posts but damn I think you made me look totally coherent and logically even at my worse.

      shoeshine box: Yes,sad story for sure. Alas no recourse, he broke the rules and his $ was seized. Gd lk tho.

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    VIP emails from the first account 2 years ago

    Look at all these VIP emails. They got me hooked on the site 2 years ago and then told USA customers they had to leave , so I made a new account 18 months later , the last time i did anything on the site was january 2019 then i made an account in I think June of 2020 and used VPN. Then I won some money, withdrew, and wound up re-depositing a few times, and then the last deposit has been confiscated (67 BCH or about $15,000 has been confiscated minus a .26 bitcoin mis-grade).

    Here's an imgur post with some VIP emails like below on the first account from VIP account manager Andy

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    TL;DR Cliffs:

    - OP is USA citizen depositing on a offshore site that prohibits USA players as of 18+ months ago, using a VPN.

    -Site closes OP's account and confiscates funds because they say he's a USA player VPNing.

    -OP creates threads across multiple poker/gambling forums lying to everyone that he's in Mexico.

    -OP comes clean and admits he's lying and still wants his funds.

    -Site is refusing to refund OP for any deposits and confiscating all winnings.


    OP is an idiot.

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