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Thread: *** OFFICIAL *** Poker Fraud Alert Radio Thread for 09/18/2020 *** - $50 freeroll - 9:30pm PT start time

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    *** OFFICIAL *** Poker Fraud Alert Radio Thread for 09/18/2020 *** - $50 freeroll - 9:30pm PT start time

    Show begins at approximately 9:30pm PDT, on Friday, September 18, 2020.

    You can listen by going to our Radio tab above, or clicking here:

    "Call To Listen Line": Call (605) 313-0736 to listen to the show from ANY PHONE in the world! No smartphone or app required! If you do have a smartphone, this will NOT cost you any data. There's an alternate number at (641) 741-1095.

    Call in number: (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355. Make sure to show your caller ID, or the phone system will not let you through (you will probably get a busy signal)! You can also call our mountaintop number (an old '70s phone sitting on top of Mt. Charleston) at (702) 430-1808.

    You can also text Druff at any time before, during, or after the show, at (775) 372-8355 (our main phone number).

    You can follow along and interact with us in our live chat room, by clicking the Chat tab near the top of the screen. You need to be logged in and have Adobe Flash capability on your computer to see the chat.

    There's a $50 freeroll tonight!

    Freeroll info
    Tournament Location: NoFraud Online Poker Room
    Tournament Date/Time: 9/18/20 at 9:55pm PDT
    Tournament Type: NL Holdem
    Tournament Buyin: FREE - it doesn't even cost you any play chips!
    Tournament Prizes: 1st: $25, 2nd: $15, 3rd: $10. I will send this to you by Zelle, Cash App, bank transfer, bitcoin, or "other" methods. PM me after you win to claim your prize.

    The following generous donations were received for this freeroll:
    Online Veteran $50

    There is no tournament password. Go register now! There is now late registration allowed until 25 minutes after start time.

    *** IMPORTANT ***

    You must read the rules for the freeroll, as not everyone qualifies for the free money!

    Freeroll rules can be found here:

    Agenda for today:

    - Major developments in Postle/Stones situation:
    -- Lawsuit settement with Stones made official, Mac Verstandig makes controversial statement as part of settlement
    -- Mike Postle speaks out for the first time in nearly a year, giving a short statement to the Sacramento Bee
    -- Justin Kuraitis releases prepared statement about the matter, then degenerates into trolling the community on Twitter
    -- Analysis: What should Mac have done regarding the statement Stones wanted him to give?
    -- Documentary maker Dave Broome confirms to Druff on Twitter that he will be doing a piece on the Postle situation
    -- Is Kevin Hart the mysterious backer to the upcoming Postle documentary?
    -- WIRED magazine to release article about the Postle situation, despite apparent lack of cooperation from Postle and Kuraitis
    -- Postle friend Khou Fang implies on Twitter that libel/slander lawsuit about to be served upon various people
    -- Bart Hanson releases new video breaking down some of the most egregious Postle hands

    - Brad Booth is alive

    - Fedor Kruse accused of using real-time solver to beat games on Pokerstars and GGPoker

    - Update: "lysnico" from 21 Blitz lawsuit is indeed very real, and more details are now known about the lawsuit on both sides

    - Update: We kind of know who the alleged $1.5 million bad check writer at the Cosmo was

    - Player on forced to change "TRUMP2024" screen name

    - Doug Polk and Daniel Negrenau hammering out details for upcoming heads up match, Pokershares has odds

    - Coronavirus news:
    - University Of Pittsburgh scientists discover biomolecule that may neutralize coronavirus

    - What would Druff do? Man and woman on first lunch date, woman orders 4 glasses of wine, bill comes and she points at man to pay

    - Please suggest other good topics if you don't see them here!

    - We take your phone calls at (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355

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    Ray Davis got a court date ,Oct 5th 2020.. i say he released w/time serve?

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    Isn't today a Jew Holiday?

    You ppl never stop.

    Pay the freeroll to your listeners

    Snow Tracks has been waiting for $13 since Nov 2018

    This freeroll is a scam

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    Weekly donkament results. Matt_The_Rat scurries his way to first place this week.

    Tournament=Radio Donkament
    Start=2020-09-18 21:55:11
    Place27=G0lfer (0)
    Place26=BobbyOrr (0)
    Place25=Bootsy (0)
    Place24=Dmndkutr (0)
    Place23=donkey (0)
    Place22=DiveBar_Dave (0)
    Place21=RevJohn (0)
    Place20=Cryptoninja (0)
    Place19=IamGreek (0)
    Place18=bingo (0)
    Place17=ballhawknet (0)
    Place16=tradershky2 (0)
    Place15=shoeshinebox (0)
    Place14=2sweet2323 (0)
    Place13=Vetteguy94 (0)
    Place12=snowtracks (0)
    Place11=Turdzilla (0)
    Place10=slipslap (0)
    Place9=Flipper_Fair (0)
    Place8=blubbernuffl (0)
    Place7=player123 (0)
    Place6=Chip_Monk (840)
    Place5=helpMe (960)
    Place4=Reno (1320)
    Place3=Jef (1800)
    Place2=SANLMAR (2760)
    Place1=Matt_The_Rat (4320)
    Stop=2020-09-19 00:06:45

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    I havenít listened to this episode yet (I actually saw the show was still on the air when I woke up today at about 3am your time), but I hope to God that you didnít say that you would pay the bill for an alcoholic semi-date who invited you for lunch and sauced up on bottles of wine while you only had a glass of water and a chicken Caesar salad or some such thing. Did ya? Please say that you wouldnít have. Please!
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