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Thread: My PFA Scoop! Guy writes a bad check to Cosmo for 1.5 million!

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    My PFA Scoop! Guy writes a bad check to Cosmo for 1.5 million!

    I am friends with a guy that owns a bail bonds company in California. He told me today that a guy wrote a bad check to the Cosmo for 1.5 million. They got him at the airport in Vegas today. He said I could post a redacted version of his email from the case file assigned to him.

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    I have to imagine that Cosmo didn't accept the check and give him any chips. Not for $1.5 million.

    Even checks for $1000 get enough scrutiny to where they won't just hand that to anyone.

    The guy was probably a broke moron who really thought this scheme could work, and the Cosmo likely called the police after the guy realized it wasn't going to work, and ran off before security could get him.

    That's my best guess here.

    It's also possible that this was a whale who then overextended himself, Terrence Watanabe style.

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    I will try and find out.
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    Happens every week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellafriend View Post
    Happens every week.

    Not for 1.5 Milly

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    Or could this be a high roller with a credit line who bounced a payment check?

    EDIT. Just saw Dan said the same thing earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt The Rat View Post
    I will try and find out.
    This is what my friend told me:

    I have no idea who he is yet. I only know that on august 6th, he borrowed 1.5 and then bailed on the casino. I only know his CPA who is a very close friend of mine and he vouched for the defendant so I just paid the 110,000 for him instead until he get out tonight or latest by tomorrow. It's a simple case of pay the casinos back and that's pretty much it.

    It's a maker.

    He knew the check was no good.

    It seems like he is a millionaire and just doesn't care. I got his info but just didn't run the guy yet.

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    Just a small update. here is what my friend said:

    "The total this guy gambled last month was 40 million dollars at Bellagio, Caesars, and cosmopolitan all together."

    "I wish I can say who he But confidentially issues wont allow me to spit it out. But I can say that once I found out who i unintentionally helped was, i was pretty surprised."

    "We drank 5 bottles of Royal Salute 21yrs yesterday between 3 guys and 3 girls. "

    "Man.... I wish I could take pictures yesterday. But it was not possible to. The girls there were super super pretty."

    I asked who the women were:

    "The girls at the private bar we went to."

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    Found out who this guy was. Don't know his name and I am sure someone can dig it up. The guy was the owner of Ebay in Korea.

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