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Thread: Sick of Howard Stern. Anyone Else?

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    Yeah. Relevant article. They even mention that he abandoned the news segment for no good reason.

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    I was shocked to see how much SiriusXM paid for him in the latest contract.

    The article desertrunner linked said that only "single digit percent" people subscribe primarily because of him. I'm surprised it's even that high.

    Sirius may have needed him at the beginning to put themselves on the map, but in 2021 terrestrial radio has been in a long decline, and anyone who wants satellite radio gets it. Most are tuning in for the music or the variety -- not specifically for Stern. Back in 2004, when I got my BMW 5-series, I had to pay extra money to get SiriusXM installed in the car. Nowadays it comes standard in most vehicles.

    1990s Howard was fun, edgy, and cool -- even when he made missteps like his 1994 New Years Pageant.

    Now he's just become one of the spoiled, rich, liberal Hollywood elite, yet at the same time still maintains the unpleasant and bitter demeanor. It's like the worst of both worlds. 1990s Howard was bitter, but that also gave him edge and made him cool. Nowadays he's bitter but doesn't want to step on the wrong toes, or say anything too edgy. It's like dating a woman in her 50s who is also immature -- why bother?

    Dude really needs to just be done.

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    I was told today by a good source that he signed a 3 year deal for 15 million. Any other sources on that?

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    sirius losing barstool radio the yak hurt that was a great show the only thing keeping me going is xms 42 to 47 those are great rap stations and then whatever the spa one is like 68 is its super relaxing while driving and then daddy bear puts on a little coffee house radio channel 14 when im trying to mentally have sex with 20 year olds xm 45 is honestly just legit banger after banger if you were born in the 80s

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    like after 85 obviously not 1975 like sonatine

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    im not gonna lie i can also get going on a little soul cycle channel 4 basically its worth 5x what i pay for it i love sirius

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertrunner View Post
    I was told today by a good source that he signed a 3 year deal for 15 million. Any other sources on that?
    Your source is dumb like you are, because it's a 5 year deal signed last year, and much closer to $90-$100 mil a year, as pretty much was reported everywhere. LOL at thinking he'd even consider $15m.

    just google it, it ain't a big secret.

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    I find him to be hit or miss. Lately itís all been one big miss. In the last week one day all he did was talk with a guy that wants to find a woman to shit in his mouth and another
    Say with a guy describing worms growing in his ass.
    "I wouldn't trade places with Marty for all the money in the world, and Ií m a nigger.Ē

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    I don't listen to him anymore, used to. Got stale imo.

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    I have Sirius XM and really don't listen to him. His act grew stale 10 years ago. Next.

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