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Thread: Have you done anything that if caught you would be doing time

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    Have you done anything that if caught you would be doing time

    Short answer. For sure. Very lucky in a lot of ways.
    No I won't go into specifics but I could touch on it maybe

    Who doesn't make mistakes, ok ok Todd doesn't but yeah I'll talk
    war stories with anyone

    Oh btw I hope mumbles has a criminal history because that would
    make him the rarest of individuals.

    He's an academic for starters. That's enough for most people. But then he goes common man, long haul truck driver. That is the wildest comination.

    So there are smarties like Druff and Sonaboy but neither have the education and the real life experience of the common man
    that combination is rare and has my total respect

    I got sidetracked, whatever
    call out ignorance at every opportunity

    splintit, dwain, sidedouche, vulva, BiffCovid

    coming soon

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    LOL... I Plead the 5th

    I def got accused of something serious I never did though for a minute.

    Lifes crazy but badguy wouldnt hurt a fly... Wink

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    No criminal record. But once when I was working a door-to-door sales job in a Midwestern city one summer while in college, I was picked up by the police and taken to a precinct station and fingerprinted.

    While out one morning trying to hustle up some sales, a cop in a black-and-white came up on me and asked me what I was doing. Apparently, someone in the residential neighborhood I was working in had reported seeing a young male (me) running from house to house, supposedly checking front doors at houses along the street.

    When I told him about my job, he made up some BS story about door-to-door salesmen needing to be registered with the police in order to get me to easily cooperate with him taking me to the station to be fingerprinted, which I did like a good-and-obedient-to-the-authorities naive-ass citizen. But I guess it was far better than experiencing the alternative if I had tried to assert my constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure. Especially because there were no bodycams back then.

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