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I say this as part of team right leaning PFA. You do realize there are shades to the statement “Defund the Police”?

It’s not OK to want to eliminate the police. So if it’s viewed in that light as you are showing it I agree with you.

It is perfectly acceptable to say “Defund the Police” Because Sgt doughnut from backwoods Upstate New York does not require a millitary grade tactical assault vehicle with armor plating that would make a soldier from OIF/OEF blush.

Few more textbooks and a few less armored vehicles is OK to stand behind. That doesn’t make you weak on crime.
If you claim to be on the right and you defend the phrase “defund the police” in any way you’re part of the problem.

You shouldn’t be ceding any ground to the left on anything. A winning message for Republicans right now is to increase funding to the police in the face of rising violent crime across the country. That’s what people want to hear.

Two months ago no one was taking about defunding the police yet they’ve gotten Republicans and everyone on the right arguing about “shades” of the phrase Defund the Police. They just keep pushing you more to the left little by little until you don’t even resemble a conservative anymore.

The Democrats have done this on every important issue yet conservatives keep falling for it. They’ve done it on abortion, LGBT, criminal justice reform, immigration, you name it. And look where it’s gotten us. And it will never stop. That’s the nature of leftism, it is never enough and it will destroy the country.

Talk to a Democrat about what the term “Defund the Police” means and you will get five different answers. And thats intentional. The more ambiguous the messaging the better because when people have no idea what they’re actually voting for the easier it is for politicians to take the most radical position when they get power and authority.

Defund the Police will eventually lead to the total Abolishing of the Police if people don’t take a stand against it right now.

This is the worst post ever.

Yeah I know it’s wrong but it’s ok because “politics”.

Microcosm of why nothing works in this country anymore.