Not sure exactly what year, somewhere between 2002-2004. The Bellagio was remodeling the poker room so the poker tables were all setup in the area outside the poker room. Tables were all tightly crammed together. I get there and sit in a 4-8 limit game (everything was limit then). Iím around the seven seat and about a foot behind me Phil Ivey is in the seven seat at a different table. 400-800 right next to 4-8, completely insane. Anyway, Iím kind of glancing over between hands and this white guy around 60 sitting in the one seat starts coughing uncontrollably. For some reason at the same time he had a grip of hundreds in his hand and is coughing blood all over them and everywhere else. He then falls out of his seat to the ground completely unconscious. I donít know if the guy died or what. The strange thing that I noticed is that Ivey stood up and kind of casually walked away. Typical emotionless Ivey, he almost seemed annoyed that the game was interrupted.