So yeah, as the title says.

So here's the deal. Ever since the first day I've had my current phone (which is approximately 1 year), right off the bat I went into my settings to disable the pre-installed YouTube app. I really hate the fucking app and want nothing to do with it. If I want to play something on YouTube I will access it through my mobile browser, which works just fine for me.

Despite me disabling the app in my Android settings, sooner or later it re-enables itself! This has happened NUMEROUS times since I've had my phone. I will, like normal, google something...if there is an associated video to click on through the search results, once in a while it prompts me to "update" my youtube app, and many if not all of these times it just automatically re-enables the fucking app even though I disabled it.This is fucking bullshit and should not be happening.

I'm 100% sure that I've disabled any permissions regarding this situation but nonetheless it keeps happening.

How the fuck?!

I searched around a bit and it looks like there are many others who have had this same situation. I cannot believe Google is getting away with this blatant horseshit and have not found an easy fix yet unless I go through all of the bullshit of rooting my phone (which obv I'm not experienced at)