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Thread: Potential cure for COVID

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daly View Post
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    I know no one will believe me but I got out at 9.41 like a boss.
    I sold half at 6.47 which is the amount I bought on the way up. Basically broke even On that lot.

    Some asshole dropped 9 Million shares into the market on a stock that trades 7M shares an average day.
    Short seller doin his thing. He scripted an ugly report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daly View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by simpdog View Post

    Maybe an executive cashing out like Moderna (where everyone bitched because they sold some stock)?

    I donít think any of the executives have that many stocks
    I think you incorrectly used the plural. I don't think there are executives. I think it is just the CEO (some dude with a Persian name) who has been dumping his stock after all the past pumps, and probably this one too.
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    Todayís stock dump was a coordinated short attack.

    Make no difference to me. I have my original shares from the 2ís. This is either the ďcureĒ to Covid or
    Itís not. It will be worth .20 a share or 100 in due time.

      Onestep: how exciting lol

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    Nothing substantively changed today. The story line remains the same. Shortly either it will offer us the therapeutic treatment we have been waiting on or it won't. If the former, price will surge again, stock will be up listed, and distribution agreements reached if not buyout talks. If the latter, stock will likely fall back 2-3 until the HIV auth comes in July and it will begin a slower trajectory higher. The big unknown catalyst is the triple negative breast cancer findings and how they will do in a ph.2 Other indications as well, but they are a ways off. At that point i will just forget about he stock and hold on and hope.....

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    Ainít falling for the next Bear Raid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texter View Post

    Citron research?

    The link is dead, but FWIW the operator of Citron literally makes his living by short selling certain stocks and then generating scathing "reports" in an effort to beat down the stock so he can profit.

    Many many pages ago in this thread I mentioned how he tried to do the same thing with Inovio pharma. I think it was around the last part of april when the stock was hovering around 7-10 per share. Obv it didnt work too well for him because it's now at around 20.

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