This matter is far more complex than it appears on the surface. My conclusions/decisions regarding SixToedPete:

1) He has indeed taken the obsession with Dan Druff way too far, especially since Druff did nothing to him other than insult him. While I understood the initial concern regarding Druff's personal life, that is all known and out in the open now, and there's no point for further "investigations".

2) SixToedPete did seem to drop cryptic references about people's lives when arguing with them on here, which makes people feel rightfully uncomfortable.

3) While his actions were creepy, he has not contacted any users outside of the forum, nor has she made lewfather-style direct threats (except against Druff, with whom he was actively fighting with at the time). Therefore, I don't feel his actions warrant a ban any longer.

4) Therefore, he should be given a public warning not to continue doing this sort of thing. This means:
-- No threatening to look up information or visit other PFA users
-- No references, cryptic or otherwise, regarding PFA users' jobs or family members
-- No more posts about Druff's family and personal matters, unless he first clears such posts with me (which I will only allow if it's something extreme which the public needs to know)
-- No references of any kind to any PFA user which borders upon making cryptic threats or giving out personal info

Of course, if SixToedPete still wishes to argue with and bash others here, he is free to do so, and people are still welcome to do the same to him, as is standard on PFA.

If SixToedPete does not keep to the above terms, he should be suspended or banned at that point.

So let it be written, so let it be done.