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Iím pretty sure this is a parody thread. Heís mocking the KT thread. She did many of the things alleged here but Druff said ďletís not bring up bygonesĒ in her poll thread.

Or my read could be way off
You would be correct.

Apparently I'm expected to ban a longtime poster today for a single post over 2 years ago, which made a single veiled reference to possibly visiting another member.

And apparently the person who has been most strongly advocating this poster's ban had nothing at all to do with the situation, and wasn't even friends with the other poster who was being referenced in that message.

Makes loads of sense.
Wait, heís correct? You mean correct in the sense itís a parody?

Thomas is advocating for KT and against split, correct? Because Iím reading searles as saying heís advocating against KT. Talking about her poll referencing KT.

This is what happens when you delete a thread. Now Iím confused