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Thread: Laughlin may be in bigger long-term trouble than Las Vegas...

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    Laughlin may be in bigger long-term trouble than Las Vegas...

    ...due to a larger dependence on senior citizens for gaming revenue, especially January-April, when snowbirds from the north central US and Canada flock there in their RV's and stay the whole winter.

    The Colorado Belle is the first domino to fall. I don't expect it to be the last. I have a hard time believing the Pioneer and the Laughlin River Lodge will make it through this either.

    We touched on this briefly on radio on May 9th. Approximately the 1:45:00 mark IIRC.

    The Belle had a fantastic brewpub with decent, reasonably priced food as well.


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    As long as Harrahs Del Rio stays open in Laughlin, I'm good.

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