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Thread: Most Blatant YouTube Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    I wanted to make this two separate videos but I got personal shit the rest of the week so I just made it one. Some great stuff regarding the “10K” from Jordan and Christopher Mitchell denying his affiliation with Lavish Life (Real Estate Scam with Demetrius). Spoiler Alert - He is full of shit. LOL

    No 10K from Jordan and Yes to the Real Estate Scam! Chrissy shows his ass once again.

      BoyBowzrocky: Nice work
      PositiveVariance: Nailed his ass. Good Job Jeff
      Dustin Mc: Way to long

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    Welp, the lizard is back folks. This time he’s got a pair of, I mean brothers who can’t even do basic math correctly. The older one said he made $11k one month and then another year 10k the next month for a total of “$22,000”, but it should be 21k no? Then he admits to losing $15k last month using the “old” system, what a shocker!

    The younger one has a job at a university that he admitted he enjoys doing and is making good money. But wouldn’t that contradict MitchTroll’s previous statement that there is no such thing as a good job and nobody likes what they do??

    Maybe Billy Boy should quit before he gets a tenured position at the University and become a full time loser like CM??

    Also, no mention of Cia or the strategy being leaked yet. So stay tuned for the shit show folks!!

      PositiveVariance: The smartest thing CM can do is not to mention the Cia video. The majority of his followers will never know about it unless he says something. CM is to stupid to realize this.

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    There is no way CM is flat betting, at least on the Cia sessions.

    He says they collectively lost 20k. 10k was CM's. Lost this all IN 20 MINUTES!

    Lets assume a base bet of $300. He would have to lose 33 more hands than he won in order to lose 10k. To make up for the commission on the small amount of hands he would have actually lost lets call it 30 hands more than he had won. Assuming 4 rounds per minute (15 seconds per round). They would have played approximately 80 Rounds. Now, in order to lose $10k assuming he is playing $300 per round.

    This would mean he lost about 55 Rounds, and won 25 Rounds. The odds of this happening are EXTREMELY SMALL. I believe what likely happend is he:
    1. Martingaled from the beginning
    2. Got down early, then started Martingaling
    3. Got down early, then raised his bet drastically - many fold
    3. Has a much higher base bet than $300

    The one thing that is clear is that he is not consistently "Flat Betting" the exact same amount. I think his average bet is much higher than I originally thought. Even prior to the Cia video, I thought his average bet was about $300. Now I believe he is around $500 per Round.

    With only 3 people per table, there are less people to make decisions and the game goes quicker. If its just CM and 2 clients that are following him, the game is going quick and CM's -EV is massive.

    Assuming 180 Rounds per hour at a $500 bet (computing house edge on banker bet) (the lower of either B/P)). $500 x 1.06 = $5.30 loss per round. 180 rounds x 5.30 = $954 LOSS PER HOUR.
    Maybe a bit more maybe a bit less but the point is made.


    The point is he is absolutely LOSING HIS ASS HOLE. Not just THE ASS but THE ASS HOLE TOO

    Christopher, if what you are saying is true about being "booked" for a month, you have a serious issue. If you are truly booked for the next month, you would obviously have bookings past that as well. Lets be conservative and say 25 bookings in August, and then another 25 in September thru November. 50 Bookings total.
    That is a total of $50,000 is money you collected but services that you have NOT PROVIDED. As you know Christopher, you DONT HAVE 50K! If you really have these sessions booked, which I am positive that you do not, you are in serious trouble. Assuming you play 2 hours with each client at a -EV OF 1K per hour, it is costing you 100k. Thankfully for you, you are lying your ass off about being booked.

    Christopher things are closing in. With Cia coming forward proving massive losses during the coaching session, and Jeff Dime exposing your lies regarding your claim of receiving 10k from man in Jordan. Then proving Lavish Life Inc. is you and you clearly wrote that classified ad begging for money along with Demetrius. You have been EXPOSED. AGAIN!


      JeffDime: Savage, PV!
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    Statements for CM's next live chat:

    "Now that Your Winning System is disclosed, do you plan to refund the money to clients who have paid but haven't received their coaching?"

    "Will Las Vegas still offer the game of Baccarat, now that your system is out there?"

    "Are you still charging $2500 for your winning system since it has been given away for free?"

    "Are you actively working with your legal team to remove Cia's video that has disclosed your patented Winning Baccarat System?

    "Will your next system exceed a 99% winning percentage?"

    "Christopher, it looks like you put a lot of time and effort into creating your system. Can I offer you a tip?... No, not that kind of tip"
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    One of the downsides to Cia's video that was put up on June 9th 2020 (Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy Day 7- $2,000 Cash Profit At Las Vegas Casino's) is that according to Cia, he actually won. Based on what Cia said and what is in the video, its likely that it wasn't scripted and based on the facts we have was legit.

    Cia stated that on this trip with CM he "Cleared $450 after expenses". In the video they have him winning 2k. We know the coaching fee is $1,000. After the coaching fee this leaves him $1,000. Cia said he made $450. This leaves $550 in expenses. Between the flight, Hotel, food, ect. this sounds accurate. So its very likely that this video was not scripted and everything was accurate.

    I say "downside", because if he had actually lost a lot of info could be received.

    As I stated a couple weeks ago, it appears that CM withheld his "Winning Strategy" from client, since they actually won in an attempt to get more money out of Cia on a future trip. I would be curious if CM filmed the trip a week ago with Cia along with Demetrius. Obviously they couldn't get an ending since they all lost, and Cia doesn't appear to be the type of guy to give into CM's fake testimonials. Cia does appear to be a true Christian.
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