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Thread: Blatant YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRivers View Post
    Chrissy back today on FB preaching again why people lose in casinos except for him. And amongst the usual suspects such as having a small bankroll, greed, and playing too long he adds this nugget:

    “Playing games with terrible odds (slots, keno, bingo blackjack, etc)”

    I didn’t know Blackjack was a game that has terrible odds. Oh wait…yes it does…when you use horrible strategies like the “no bust”. This combined with his recent listing of the games he teaches at the Mastermind (BJ not included) would sure indicate a heavy loss by him playing no bust during his “month of Blackjack.”

    In general…if you had a single bet to place you’re better off playing other games instead of Blackjack (in fact most would say the best single bet is the Pass line in Craps). But longer term and with the right strategy you certainly wouldn’t call Blackjack “terrible odds”

    Either he's been playing No Bust and losing a lot, or his inner circle have been playing no bust, losing a lot and complaining, or probably one or two smart marks have been playing even remotely normal strategy and cutting into his affiliate money.

    Chrissy's big problem with blackjack is he took a game that has many choices and tried to turn it into a game of single choices such as Baccky and Spinny to make it much easier to "sell" to his audience.
    0.0 surprise this didnt work out for him.
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    In the comments he says he doesn’t play Blackjack anymore. But then he attempts to save face by saying that if people do play he still recommends no bust. Several other comments complain about how they lost with no bust.

      zealanddonk: Bahahahahahahahaha his punters will eventually realise mitchellgale will break them too

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