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Thread: Blatant YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    I doubt Chrissy was ever worth $500k, but I do think he chunked off everything gambling a few years ago, then scammed his way back into a bankroll (or got Stacy to cash out her retirement), and then ran it somewhat back up at the end of 2019 and early 2020.

    Then he chunked it all off again.

    Now we get this video talking about how he lost everything "in the past" and the same thing totally isn't happening right now.

    I did enjoy the story around the 8:15 mark where he talks about how Stacy's parents hated him, and told her to divorce him, because he's a "loser" who will "drag her down". They were right!

      TheRivers: I think it actually happened to him over the past week.
      Mrhorney: Stacys Folks wouldn’t need to be too intelligent to work out that Chrissy is a loser.Forest Gump would figure that out within 10minutes of meeting him
      Forum Wars: Uh huh

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    Christopher Mitchell.

    You are the leeching baccarat anti-Christ. You just don’t stop.

    Yeah...I love the guest count of here on the Thread. We all know it’s nervous Chrissy and his weirdo followers.

    17 guests right now as I post this?? Hmm...we know who it is. Go get Chrissy and tell him that I will rip him apart daily until the day he stops scamming and hurting innocent people.

    Chrissy...we know you never had a real occupation in your life but you mock those who have a real job and a real source of pride and integrity.

    But you have the audacity to tell people to quit their jobs and become like you?? Cocaine is a hell a drug and you drinking alcohol and those Monster Energy drinks have really fucked up your brain cells and common sense.

    I’m tired of the dead broke hater speech too. The only real dead broke hater is you. I love the fact that you constantly bring up the fact that Skank’s parents asked her to divorce you. Hmmm...why would they say this, Christopher? I’re such an outstanding citizen and decent human being.

    Yeah right.

    Let’s see...
    You live in a delusional world.
    You are a manipulator.
    You have anger issues.
    You suffer from a Napeleon complex.
    You have penis envy.
    You cheat and steal from people.
    You are a narcissistic and a sociopathic prick.
    You are a blatant liar and scumbag.
    You did gay porn.
    You denied being involved in gay porn.
    You watched gay porn around minors.
    You live a lifestyle that puts your family in danger every day.
    You never accept responsibility for your negative actions.
    You blame others for your shortcomings and issues.
    You are a horrible husband & father.

    Why does the Skank stay? Who knows. I know it’s not because of the autistic brat. Her teenage daughter is a prime example of how she deals with kids.

    And she has the nerve to call herself a mother. You are two peas in the pod and both of you are dumb as fuck.

    For someone that is retired and supposedly financially stable, I never seen someone like you ask for handouts and assistance. Keep begging for Monster to endorse you. I don’t think they want a callous and stupid asshole such as yourself. To all the Chrissy followers. Here’s a look at what can happen to you if drink 2 cans a day of this stuff every single day.

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    Are you going to listen to a man such as this?

    Folks. Folks. Folks.

    If you follow down the path of Christopher Mitchell, your life will be changed indeed. Go ahead and quit your
    jobs; have no real source of real family or friends to be there for you. On the other hand, you will learn how to proficiently suck cock and give enemas and handle greased up hamsters getting shoved up your anus.

    Sounds like a dream? Well...follow his eyebrows and his Pinnochio lying nose. Go ahead...believe this son of a bitch and you will have regrets. You’re going to end up like this.

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    Fuck you Christopher Mitchell.

      Mrhorney: Beautiful Mr Elmo
      JeffDime: Great stuff brother!
      BedWetterBettor: Yes, Monster would rather have a bald, midget, Gay Porn engaging, broke loser as their spokesman over someone who is actually successful!
      Forum Wars: Nice Elm
    Last edited by Elmo; 01-13-2021 at 11:24 PM.

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    Question for Chrissy about the poster board vision list

    If I am gay like you can I find a perfectly happily married male couple and cut them out to put on my board or does it have to be male and female?

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      BedWetterBettor: Look Man, I ain’t fallin fo’ no Banana in my Tail Pipe!!!
      TheRivers: Well done sir. And thanks for addressing the Hebrew slave comments.
      Elmo: ::encore encore:: take a bow!!
      Forum Wars: Holy shit: One Jeff Dime video is > 100 Chrissy vids (and infinitely more entertaining)
      PositiveVariance: Great stuff

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    Here’s a new disclaimer for anyone that follows Christopher Mitchell. Be warned.

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    Where are the beautiful suites? We know you like to prove the dead broke haters wrong as always and it’s time to step up your game.

    That lame penthouse suite you paid during your birthday day week was nothing spectacular. $624...really. The baccarat Anti Christ can do so much better...


    Was scoping out YouTube today and I found this casino YouTuber doing her thing.

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    Regardless of where her income comes from, you are not on her level, you bald cunt. That stay was on NYE so I can’t even imagine what the price for that bungalow really was. I know Chrissy, our real dead broke hater could never afford that. Keep wishing for that Lambo too...It just baffles my mind to see a multi-millionaire struggle and beg so much as yourself.

    I think this car is more fitting for you and your down low cum guzzling buddies. This can be your new Lambo.

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    I watched Jeff Dime’s masterpiece of the Chrissy Chronicles (great vid today brother!) and I was intrigued by the notion that you got a car with no loan or no money down. You must have connections...

    Nah. We know what you did.

    Were those loads of cum worth it? I can’t believe you were turning tricks and sucking dicks to get ahead supposedly. Your mouth, your small Pygmy cock and loose anus must be filthy like flies on shit. How low can you go douche?

    You were fisting Blowjob Bob and jerking off Vila so nothing is off limits for you. No wonder you’re going into the Colt Studio Hall of Fame. You’re a fucking dead broke hater cunt.

    In your next video, please address these issues since you like to come on here and creep on our comments like the bitch you are and always will be. You made reference to our colleague on here and was acting passively aggressive because our comments pissed you off.

    Oh well, cunt. The truth hurts. If you didn’t scam or hurt others, you would not be criticized and judged every single day. But you don’t, so your soul will be tortured by us until you stop. I’m not going anywhere and the good guys that want to see you go will not be going anywhere either.

    Again, I would ask you personally but as I stated before, I got blocked and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened in reference to you. It showed your true colors and the ignorant and soulless bastard you are.

    Why no more Cosmo videos?
    Why were you hoarding blank scorecards?
    Why the gay porn music in your vlogs?
    Where are the follow up testimonials from the baccarat boot camp?
    How come Bubs got birthday footage at the Mayfair and you and your party didn’t?
    How come your videos are not in chronological order? No time stamps?
    How come we don’t get the expensive suites and perks in your videos no more?
    Can we get a new video with you going up the bank and seeing these large bank accounts?
    (You can easily withdraw that money since you easily withdraw your small cock from FB groupies)
    Finally, will we see a win/loss statement this year to prove how much you won and lost?

    Oh Chrissy...please address these unsolved mysteries so we can have closure.

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    I know this cocksucking prick won’t have the balls to answer these questions.

    What you do in the dark, Chrissy, will eventually come to the light for all to see. Your day is coming. Mark my words. Fuck you, Christopher Mitchell.

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      JeffDime: Beautifully done brother!!
      PositiveVariance: Got Chrissy by the balls
      Mrhorney: I wish I could do posts like this instead of my usual drivel.Wunderba Lord Elmo

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