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Thread: Blatant YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    And the deflecting of the word Scam continues by Chrissy. Today’s mud slinging is on some real Estate investor.

    Is this guy a Scam Artist? Like the old saying goes, Takes One to Know One!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BedWetterBettor View Post
    And the deflecting of the word Scam continues by Chrissy. Today’s mud slinging is on some real Estate investor.

    Is this guy a Scam Artist? Like the old saying goes, Takes One to Know One!
    Graham Stephan is NOT a scam artist. He is one of the most well respected people in the area of finance on YouTube. It does appear to be "click bait" as Chrissy does speak well of him in the actual video. Chrissy is using him to get views, as he knows he has a good name. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this video gets more views than any video he has done in the previous 2 months. He needs the influx of views and subs to keep the scam train moving. He needs to do a video on a guy like Vegas Dave, a real scammer. There is a 0.0% chance Graham Stephan's audience will fall for Chrissy's Bullshit. I think Chrissy will pick up a few subs purely for his unintentional comedy.

    It’s funny Chrissy says he has followed Graham since he had 10k subs, as Chrissy can’t even say his last name right as he calls him “Steven”.

    As soon as the Mitchell's receive their unemployment payments I'm sure he will load his trading account and he will be back to Bitcoin trading again. It would be no surprise if he tries to push a 100x leverage trade, making it a true gamble.

      JeffDime: 100%
      TheRivers: i thought that was funny as well that he didn’t know the last name. Sure he’s been watching Graham for year. And I’m sure Graham can’t wat to direct his millions of viewers towards gambling by having Chrissy on his channel.
      UtahDrone: Yes, this video is click baiting, gas lighting, and even worse Chrissy does what he claims to hate, which is using someone’s name in the title of a video to get views. It would be funny if Graham did interview Chrissy and just expose him.
      BedWetterBettor: Again Chrissy hates being called a scammer, so he puts that term on someone else to minimize its negative affect. First the Casino industry and now Graham. It’s the Pee Wee Herman rebuttal, “I know you are, but what am I?”
      Forum Wars: Only reason for this, yup ---> CM's funds are low ---> He needs the influx of views and subs to keep the scam train moving.
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    My Christopher Mitchell channel was created to help get the word and expose who Christopher Mitchell is. I was stuck by myself at the beggining of the pandemic and had time on my hands. I felt like their was room for a different style of video exposing Christopher.

    If I wanted to build a YouTube channel, going after this cum stain would not get it done. It’s niche, within a niche, within a niche. I knew that. It started as an experiment for me to see if I could create entertaining content within a subset of people. For the most part I am happy that I did it. I am very happy that some people get enjoyment watching my videos.

    It’s funny because I got about 200 to subscribe. I am not active on Twitter, but was for one summer after surgery tweeting about the show Big Brother. Figured if I wasn’t going to be out on the beach, I needed something to occupy my time. It was fun and I got about 200 followers. That seems to be my ceiling. Lol. Maybe I am niche as well.

    Like Mr. H pointed out, I have been stuck at around 200 subs. That is partly because of how niche the subject matter is, my shortcomings/inexperience, lack of photoshop skills for thumbnails/slides, sporadic content with long lulls at times between uploads, the fact that I am an unknown person, some people aren’t going to like my style and a whole fuckload of other factors. I try to be self aware and I understand all this.

    But there are people that really like the vids. Some of my most critical friends have had good things to say.

    I guess the bottom line is this... If I spend 5 hours and put together a video about Chrissy I don’t stand to gain anything for myself. My channel might get a sub or two. Some people will thank me for making them. Hopefully it will get to some people who may fall for the scam. But I sure as shit am not going to make a real deal channel going after this little cum guzzler. I am under no delusions about that.

    Chrissy, if I wanted to build a big channel I would do things differently. I would go after people with 10X, 1000x, or 1,000,000x more subs than you have. You are not some YouTube star you dumb shit. Go back to trying to suck your own cock.

    P.S. your name is in the thumbnail because you being a scamming POS is the subject matter fuckhole.

      Forum Wars: Didn't know where you were going with this 'til near the end. 100% you and no one on earth would try to use the fuckhole rom Chrissy - he's a fuckhole for some kind of shine to rub off on your own YT channel. Well explained man

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    PV was def right about CM trying to do a clickbait for views. BWB has a great point in Chrissy projecting, sanitizing and trying to take some sting out of the word scammer.

    But Chrissy only 400 views? I bet you thought you were going to light the internet on fire and it hasn’t quite happened. Too bad.

    Let’s face it, people want the clown show. They want the dead broke hater douche bag Chrissy, to put on his clown suit (Change Your Life Merch) and lie his little pecker off. So go be everyone’s trained seal and balance those fucking balls on your nose you scamming old queen!

    Give the people what they want! You (Two-bit worthless con artist) opining on whether someone is a scam artist, ain’t it. Just be your awful self, people will watch. Fuckhole.

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      Forum Wars: LOL the Hyundai Sonata ad appears when you perused the clown's page

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    Yeah this is a total clickbait attempt. I also laughed at how he mispronounced the guy's last name despite claiming to be a regular viewer of his channel.

    I'll save you the torture of Chrissy's idiotic video. Chrissy says that Graham Stephan is NOT a scam artist, and then goes on to whine about the "dead broke jealous haters" who call HIM a scam artist. So he's doing a video "exposing" Graham Stephan, where the "exposure" is nothing but praise. Lame.

    I agree that Chrissy feels he needs fresh blood to keep the scam going.

      Forum Wars: 100+++. (Plus he's got nothing but scam gurus that he's subbed to as you can see in his vid). Shouldn't he be out there getting his 3% per day after being wiped out two days ago with his "never-lose" strategies?

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    Jeffrey , I was only joshing about your subs , you should have millions IMO.
    I like you found myself at a loose end being stuck at home on furlough and only receiving half my salary from my POOR dead broke jealous loser hater JOB.

    As I previously stated I have no recollection how I landed at Chrissys door , I suspect it was probably vis Brunson then Cheetos.
    I have always enjoyed a gamble without it ever being a problem mostly horses 🐎 of which I win quite a bit every year then Blackjack
    (Not Chrissyjack because I am an idiot) and give some of it back.

    Long story short the journey but it ended up at your door.
    I have watched hundreds of channels about scammers and exposers in the last year all of who I had never previously heard of so would consider myself quite an authority on the subject.

    I can honestly say yours is by far the most enjoyable viewing and listening by a country mile.
    Witty , well put together , showing clearly why Chrissy is an idiot etc.

    In fact if you ever put me on mastermind and my specialised subject was Jeff Dime/Christopher Mitchell videos I would do OK.

    Just by a screenshot I could say on which video Christopher Mitchell fucked up your day , which one the correspondent was on the second floor because of repairs being done on the ground , and I could go on.

    I usually listen to all your vids in bed with my phone and headphones in reading a book , much to the annoyance of Mrs H who is trying to get me interested in the latest shite on TV.

    I understand it takes you a long time to put something out , but when you do it is excellent not a 10 minute vid that could be done in 2 because you pad it out by repeating the same thing over and over.

    I know I speak for many who will be disappointed 😢 if you decide to knock it on the head , but at least I will always have your past efforts to remember you by.

    I may decide to have a city break again in New York , tap you up and you can take me for a round 🏌️*♂️ at your club Bethpage 👍

    We 💕 Jeff

      JeffDime: Thanks Mr. H

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    Mr Hi, I very much appreciate you. I wrote that post, not as a complaint but as response to Chrissy’s saying people are trying to build something off his name. I have just grown tired of him saying it. There is no one coming close to profiting off his name. It’s like when he continually says people are selling strategies pretending they are him. Like people are taking money out of his pocket that he rightfully scammed. I just wanted to make it clear. I enjoy making the videos and you are right about the sub count. I apologize if it came off wrong.

    I was just being honest. I enjoy being a part of the thread and making the videos. I was just trying to tell Chrissy he is not a big deal like he thinks it is. His name is worth shit. Just to drive the point home, here is slot Lady last night with 2200 people watching her play live with $8K in chips. 25 times the subs as Chrissy and I’m sure they are all real. I guess she’s the Baccarat Queen, not Chrissy.

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      Mrhorney: I like her , it helps that she is a hottie but it goes to prove that you can film in a casino.Maybe Chrissy should go against her with his no bust strategy live.
      BedWetterBettor: Sara also evolves her production value with multiple camera angles, reaction shots and commentary explaining bonuses & payouts. Chrissy just whines about jackpots and how the casino “sucks” when he’s losing

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    On a slightly different subject I am too old for Sesame Street , I was an original muppets child , I had heard vaguely of Elmo (the character) not the superb anti Chrissy warrior on this site.

    Anyways I thought I would delve a bit deeper into Elmo on YT and discovered Elmos song which he wrote the lyrics and music for and I am absolutely hooked
    It is a quite brilliant piece of music that Lennon and McCartney would be proud of (I actually hate the Beatles but recognise ability)

    Whenever I am feeling a bit down or depressed I play Elmos song 🎶 to cheer me up , strangely my low periods seem to coincide whenever Chrissy unleashes a new pile of steaming horse manure on the global audience of billions , I was thinking perhaps I should stop watching Chrissys vids bit Elmos song in the background gets me through the misery , so thanks 🙏 to both Elmos 👍

    There you go more mindless gobblygook from my pen 🖊

      shoeshine box: I sing the 'Barney

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