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Thread: Blatant YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    Rick from Michigan, “You staying here?”
    Chrissy from Scam City with dear headlights, lick lips like a crack addict, "huh"?
    Rick from Michigan, “You staying here?”
    Chrissy from Scam City, “Yeah, yeah, this probably won’t be until I check out, so we are good” Hee Haw! Hee Haw!
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      Elmo: Chrissy is such a disgusting son of a bitch.

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    We have a partnership. WTF!

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    Hey everyone. Hope you guys are well and having a great weekend.

    Chrissy and his stupid followers like to lurk and troll on here still. I pray you go broke and suffer the consequences of this stupid midget bald douchebag. I notice that’s your favorite work Jizzy Chrissy and as they takes one to know one. You stupid son a bitch. You just don’t stop. Don’t worry. The Caesars properties will catch on to your scams and you won’t be gambling and spreading lies and your possible Covid to others. You’re going to be begging in Fremont Street watching Slot Lady win those jackpots that you claim to want so bad.

    What happened to the goals of making 100K in a month? Whatever happened to that Chrissy? As usual, all talk and no production from you as usual. You’re back to just buying chips again at the casino and pretending that you won. Stupid prick. As I stated before, you can get permission with certain casinos to film your live high stakes play as whereas The Big Jackpot did in at the Caesars Palace. How come you can’t pull those strings Chrissy? Oh yes. You’re a fraud. You don’t have that kind of pull or status or that bankroll to have something like that. You never will. All the lies in your clown show will eventually catch up to you in one way or another. Life is a full circle and karma is real.

    Do you believe in magic. Jizzy Chrissy certainly does. Fuck you and your douchebag clown show.
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    And the beat goes on...
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      Elmo: Right on point...Chrissy is addicted to cocaine
      BedWetterBettor: He’s too broke for the real stuff, probably cooks meth now

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    We will keep on exposing you. The Venetian will catch on too...don’t you and little Bubs worry. Keep making up scores on the baccarat cards and keep dipping into that dwindling 401K for that fake lifestyle. You’re just a lying dumb fuck. And stop with the act that you’re so close to God and The Holy Spirit. He is not leading you no where in your Reptilian little brain. God is NOT leading you to the right baccarat table or to the winning table. You’re just a vile and putrid delusional son a bitch.

    You are low as dirt. You’re a piece of shit Christopher. Fuck you.
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    Last edited by Elmo; 09-27-2020 at 07:28 PM.

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    God doesn’t like you Christopher Mitchell and your betrayal and wicked ways. You’re a scamming sinner. Fuck you.
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    Your new two videos sucked as always Chrissy. All fabrications and bullshit as usual. Fuck you.
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      BedWetterBettor: He’s literally worn the yellow sweatshirt 6 times this week , millionaires can’t afford better clothes and scammers can’t!

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    The latest video is just as retarded as ever from Dumbshit Mitchell. I just found some of the comments to be hilarious including the following...

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    losing 6 martingales isn't that rare.
    he tries to fly under the radar with his gay big words - Big Bird

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