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Thread: Blatant YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell “Professional Gambler”

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    OMG 😮 Folks.

    It is Sunday evening here in jolly old England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    I am sat watching US handball (49s V New England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧&#917631 my team obviously 🙄 but they are getting a bigger anal penetration that Chrissy got off big Errol in Colt studios 😞

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I decided to sit through the latest offering by Kyle on the iPad.
    It was the usual

    Being a Johnny Foreigner I would never ever wish to try and influence another country’s democratic vote , it’s true The Donald isn’t 99% of Folks cup of tea ☕️ outside the USA 🇺🇸 but he is your democratically appointed president.

    But........................Chrissy has announced that if Joe wins he is leaving the country 😱
    Noooooooooooo please please please all Americans on this site I am begging 🥺 you to vote for the Donald , no other country in the world wants Chrissy Stacykins and Champers dropping in claiming asylum.

    We have enough problems in Europe with asylum seekers from all over Africa and the Middle East without Kyle and his brood dropping on our shores.


      Elmo: I hope Chrissy goes where ISIS still cuts off heads for lies and scams...

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    Chrissy could go to Macao 🇲🇴
    That would be the best for everyone

    1-We would all be shot of the fuckwit
    2-The Chinese would hopefully put him in a concentration camp

    Win Win all round 👍

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    The Baccarat Buffoon never stops.
    The lies keep coming.
    Well...we believe that...
    You’re a fucking broke douchebag lying son a bitch.

    You don’t think eventually the fibs you bring forth on a daily basis will catch up to you? Silly Chrissy. You will never get it. No one cares about your BJ strategy (maybe your sick retarded followers want that Blow Job Bob winning loose butthole strategies), your shopping habits or laundry habits. No one cares about you hanging out with your Colt Studio buddies Willy the Wanker and Blowjob Bob (shout out to PFA clique for the great and funny posts as usual...the truth hurts Chrissy). Anyone that pays you a penny for your lies and bullshit needs to be 302’d and screened for mental health issues. You need to get checked out too. In one of your MGM videos, it looked like you was sweating profusely for no apparent reason. It’s not that hot in Vegas and you were inside a hotel just going to your paid upgraded room (you know paid for that room you fucking cunt). Anyways, someone who is supposed to be in great shape should not be sweating at all like that.

    The same thing happened when you came in that night when you claimed you won at 3 casinos with no physical evidence as usual and just showed that Amazon money again on your pool table that you and Bob jerked off together on. You and that skank Medusa rat haired bitch you call a wife need to get checked out for Covid. I hope it comes back positive for both of you and all the people associated with your schemes and scams. And you might as well get tested for STDs and other diseases with the way you are living your life.

    No masks. No condoms. You’re a reckless and disgusting human being. You’re eating old men’s’ anuses and playing in their You’re just changing your life indeed. You’re a fucking loser Chrissy and always will be. Have fun telling Champers, Bubs or whatever you call the little turd about how you scammed the innocent and let old farts fuck and cum in your ass when he grows up.

    Fuck you Christopher Mitchell.
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    Name:  martingale system.png
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    Christopher Mitchell has done it again as he now touts his new and improved "Mitchell Martingale System". Chris explains in his videos that his new system stops at 5 martingale bets, and adds a new improvement. Instead of doubling each bet (100 to 200 to 400), he wants you to add slightly more than double of a martingale bet and add $25 to each martingale bet ( 100 to 225 to 475 to 975). So you double the $225 bet($450) and add another $25 to get $475 for the third bet. This method was devised because at the end of a losing martingale streak, and when you win say at "$1600" bet, you only really won $100 and you have to pay a commission of 5%, so the casino gets 80$ of that 100$. Chris says that his system gives you a little more profit, and it's not smart to do the original martingale system.

    Chris than spends a few minutes talking about how the "Martingale system" is the smartest way to gamble, because it's statistically proven that you're going to lose more hands than you win at any casino. The Martingale system understands that and allows you to win bigger hands, which is more profit.

      Mrhorney: Must admit I have no idea how Chrissy keeps coming up with these new and improved betting strategies that have eluded the greatest mathematicians for centuries.Way to go Kyle

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    Chrissy boys openness and honesty shine through once again Folks or Guys as we now seem to have changed to.

    Mitchell Bankroll

    3-Errr that’s it coz the twat is busto

    My mistake Chrissy isn’t busto , on the contrary he has a huge bankroll

    My apologies Kyle , I obviously forgot that you have the power to predict the future baccarat hands with your winning strategies and I assume that Vegas is on the verge of closure thanks to you and Blow Job Bob , keep cleaning up on the tables.

    Hey Dumb Dumb , it’s a slightly below 50/50
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    Here it is. The man lost his money and seems like he is homeless smh.
    None of the systems worked Marvin Gaye / Flat beat. Reason why he is homeless ....because of CM idea.

      shoeshine box: Laughing when I know it is wrong. Sad sad. unreal.
      BedWetterBettor: He has to be trolling everyone. I know he reads these forums when he stated he smokes Hooka after I called him a drug addict, so he is doing this all for attention. He probably did lose, but he ain’t homeless...yet!!
      PositiveVariance: "Before you going to be success, you will be homeless like me" -MILLION
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    Million is up in a tree. It seems like he could have waited until the guy with the leaf blower had passed.

    "I am Homeless" -Million 7:02 mark

    "I lose all my money so far right now. But who is the reason? Who make me do this? CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL. I am homeless because of his idea" -Million 4:42 mark

    That sad part is we all knew this would happen.

    These guys just don't get it. He says he is going to go back and STUDY. What on earth do they study? When will they realize there is nothing to study??
    Their pattern recognition bull shit drives me up the wall.
    When will they realize the cards have no memory?
    Some people just cant be helped, I mean the guy is up in a fucking tree.

      Mrhorney: Nail on its very obvious head PV , there is simply no excuse anymore , plenty of info about the scamming queen Chrissy and if you are daft enough to follow his “strategies” or worse still send the bloody clown money then your deserve to end up sleepi
      BedWetterBettor: He is faking a rags to “riches” story on YT. He is pretending to be homeless and then magically one day he will have his apt. back and be flashing c notes. All for attention and subs, quite sad

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    Who are you talking about BWB , the idiot from above or Chrissy

    Oh Lordy , an hour of Kyle playing blackjack , if any of you Folks have a very high boredom threshold can you put up a brief summary.

    Alternatively we could arrange a team effort , 12 of us good Folks to watch 5 minutes each

    I did flick to the end to see the result , (drumroll)
    Guess what Folks , the strategy worked perfectly

      BedWetterBettor: Talking about that Million idiot. He is faking and trying to make compelling videos for more viewers
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    2020 has been a crazy year. Who would have thought we have seen the following:

    A scamming and sociopathic retard that look like Chia pet...
    Babies getting dragged into the casino 24/7...
    YouTube allowing douchebags to discuss POOR people...
    Same son of a bitch that bragged about Covid being fake and stating cancer is caused by being poor and stressed...
    Homeless Ethiopians hiding in trees...
    Old men flirting and fascinated with a washed up gay pornstars...
    Promoting losing and pathetic strategies for baccarat and blackjack...
    Thousands of dollars of fake proper money...
    Walking by high limit rooms and acting like a high roller winning so much...
    Swearing on Bibles and straight up lying.
    What’s next Chrissy the Sissy??
    How will you end the year? You’re a still a fucking loser and cunt. Take that and shove it up your Changeyourlifevlog ass.

    Fuck you.

      BedWetterBettor: A fitting end would be a scam victim tracks him down and pushes him into oncoming traffic on the strip!

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    Has anyone seen the new Chrissy video with him stalking and lurking at the Circa opening? The lunatic scamming sociopath was claiming that he was VIP.

    Hold up...VIP? Oh Chrissy keep shooting yourself in the foot. If the douche was VIP, where was the suit and tie attire? Everyone that was part of the VIP crowd was well dressed and came through a special entrance. Chrissy was in the long lines with just the regular folks. Folks...folks...the bald scamming cunt is nothing special.

    Chrissy was dressed as if he was hanging out with the Ethiopian tree loser. With the Covid numbers rising, the Colt bastard is still not wearing that mask. You’re going to be on that ventilator soon in that local Clark County hospital with your pre-existing ailments.

    Then when he claimed to have that VIP access, the camera cuts out and he is wandering around the casino and of course the cunt stated he won $500...get the fuck out of here Chrissy.

    Once again, Jizzy Chrissy is stuck in his web of lies and he keeps digging himself deeper into more lies and deceit.’re full of shit and always will be. You’re pure trash and a disgusting human being with such low morals and lower standards. Fuck you and your fake ass VIP higher roller lifestyle.
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    If anyone is interested in the methods of how an edge can be gained in baccarat, this is a new video put out by Eliot Jacobson.

    Most of you know who he is. He is a mathematician who analyzed advantage plays. Eventually went on to consult casinos in game protection, primarily protection against advantage type plays. He was also called as a witness in Phil Ivey's edge sorting case.
    Yes, you can gain an edge in baccarat primarily with the side bets. However it takes a massive bankroll to create minimal returns. You throw in high variance and most advantage players agree the reward is not worth the risk.

      shoeshine box: ; 0/ Fahgedaboudit....!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PositiveVariance View Post
    If anyone is interested in the methods of how an edge can be gained in baccarat, this is a new video put out by Eliot Jacobson.

    Most of you know who he is. He is a mathematician who analyzed advantage plays. Eventually went on to consult casinos in game protection, primarily protection against advantage type plays. He was also called as a witness in Phil Ivey's edge sorting case.
    Yes, you can gain an edge in baccarat primarily with the side bets. However it takes a massive bankroll to create minimal returns. You throw in high variance and most advantage players agree the reward is not worth the risk.

    While 100% mafematiclly correct, it is unfeasible to the avg. Joe IMO.
    I believe the DR can make more $ explaining this to the well heeled/educated crowd in a Month than CM can make in a lifetime....

    DR is selling the info...and it aint cheap,'ll bet you that.!

    Good post!

      PositiveVariance: Yeah, def not for the avg. joe. The loss rebate play making 100k bets would take a bankroll deep in the 8 figures. I admire Jacobson, very smart man.

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    Guess who is back in todays video? Rick and Isaura. Chrissy's and Medusa's friends. These are the two that projected the image of paying clients several months back.

    I only watched about 2 minutes of todays video, but in the video Chrissy promotes Ricks channel. Rick has his email if anyone wants to inform him of what kind of people Chrissy and Medusa are.

    It sounds like the real Bob Hesley is jealousy of chrissy and rick, he was quick to respond to this video....

    Robert Hesley
    5 hours ago
    Just let me know Christopher date and time and place of your birthday in January and I will be there. Whether Susan can come or not I don’t know but I will be there.

    He Feels he is being replaced, letting Chrissy know "He will be there". They can fight over who will be Chrissys power bottom.

    Chrissy when he had his Bert haircut...

    Name:  Chrissy as Burt.jpg
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Size:  187.7 KB

      Elmo: Blowjob Bob and Chrissy the Sissy on Sesame Street...freaking hilarious
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    I just have one question. why in the fuck is there a 100 page thread about this guy? fucking embarrassing

      JeffDime: Yea kids are starving in Africa I get it. My next thread will be about that.

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    Cuz Jeff Dime

      JeffDime: Your contributions to this forum speak for themselves.

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    I'll be on radio tonight fellas. Explaining my court dealings with CM.

      JeffDime: So glad you told your story.

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    I'll post the (long) AHoosierA appearance later today.

    At the end of the segment, I announced that I am taking up a collection for AHoosierA's legal fees ($1500), and in fact am starting it out by donating $100 myself.

    I will personally be collecting and administering the fund, and will only release it when I see proof of the $1500 payment AHoosierA made to his attorneys (even though I personally believe he's telling the 100% truth about that).

    Once the fund reaches $1500, I will stop accepting money for it. Therefore, you don't have to worry that AHoosierA will profit from this.

    You will be sending the money directly to me. I can accept Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and certain bank transfers. No PayPal, sorry.

    If interested, please text me at (775) 372-8355, or PM me on this forum.

    I will update everyone with the total we are at, and hopefully we can raise the entire $1500, which was the flat fee he paid his attorneys to represent him to appeal the restraining order unfairly granted against him, which was requested by Christopher Mitchell. This has been overturned, as you will hear on the radio, though the matter it's completely over yet.

    He's been through a lot, and I feel he deserves this fundraiser.

      JeffDime: +++

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    Well, this was an unexpected occurrence. After deleting the video where he was up a tree and claiming to be homeless, he decided to reply to my post chastising him and then subscribes to my content free channel.

    Name:  MillionYTFool.jpg
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    Regarding CM's recent videos, what else can we say but the suckers have run out and he is back to using old clients to back up his lies?

    He is probably offering them free plugs on his YT channel to promote their real estate business and saying "It won't cost you a thing, folks! What do you have to lose?"

    Only to end up like the other broke & busted dolts like TJ, Million and good old Blowjob Bob!

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    Here's the show where Lee appeared to discuss CM and the restraining order.

    Recorded late at night on 10/30/20:

    Go to 0:40:14 mark to hear it.

      JeffDime: +++

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    Another lame video posted today, with one item of note. It appears the cash & chip props are now replaced with the Wife & kid props. Meaning, he is trying to enforce his "family man" persona as opposed to the "High roller" image we have seen in the past. This time he lies about winning $1300 and doesn't even bother showing the cash.

    Mr. & Mrs. Lizard look tired and on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The suckers have dried up and his last ditch efforts to keep up the charade are fleeting. I'm betting the casinos have warned him about filming chips in the High Limit room and making his videos around the table games area.

    He is now desperate to get people to join his worthless Facebook group and projecting the image of loving parents trying to provide for their kid.

    Name:  CMChildSale.jpg
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      Elmo: LMAO
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