This is my first post so please don’t jump all over me if I fuck it up. I’ve been stuck in Long Island, NY & I’m 38/Diabetic so thanks Druff for all the radio content. I’ve probably been listening for a solid 3 plus months at this point. Been trying to leave the house as little as possible. Just had to use 2 K from the bankroll on an elliptical machine I will prob use for the remainder of this quarantine & then never again. All so I don’t get out of this looking like Jabba the Hut.

While I was going through the YouTube rabbit hole one day I found this YT channel named “Change Your Life Vlog” with videos posted by “pro Gambler” Christoper Mitchell. Of course I already knew it’s a scam & I know this isn’t about poker but still thought bringing it to light can maybe save some suckers some money.

You all can check it out and will be amazed how transparent & what a shitty con man this joker is & I have no idea how YT hasn’t shut his ass down. He starts most videos holding a big stack of prop 100s with just a real one or two in the front. At first he was offering to personally coach people who come to Vegas his revolutionary “Martingale” (Yes he uses the word Martingale) way to make money playing Baccarat for $2,500. Then the videos became him asking for $1500 once the casinos in Vegas (he seems to be renting a condo in a Vegas) were closed. The caveat was this money had to be received by April 1.

Now in this latest video he has now decided to offer a total free roll for the sucker. He talks a lot of gibberish on these videos but around the 4:00 mark on this latest video he compares himself to the personal injury lawyers who doesn’t make money if you don’t make money. The great deal is he will go play baccarat with you at no charge and he will only take 50% of your winnings.

There’s videos made by apparently someone named Kevin Davis who was the guy who tried to expose Michael Morgenstern. For those who don’t know Morgenstern was the scammer behind Blackjack Army, but Morgenstern actually had some charisma & con man skills. Christopher Mitchell has no skill & again I don’t know how YT has him on the platform. BTW Kevin Davis alleges that Mitchell did gay porn years ago but I decided not to look for that. Anyways enjoy the shitty show this guy puts on.