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Thread: Blatant Gambling Scammer Christopher Mitchell (YouTube/Baccarat/Roulette/Sportsbetting)

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    On the bright side, he seems to be admitting that he's entering his deepest, darkest moment right now with the implosion of his 4th YouTube channel.

    On the other hand, since he claims to have the "skillset" to turn $10,000 into $20,000 within mere minutes consistently, it doesn't make sense for him to ever experience a "deepest, darkest moment".

    Unless of course it's all been a pack of lies.

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    From "absolutely fabulous" to "deepest darkest moment" in only 5 days...

      1dollarboxcar: i thought maybe he could of been the UNLV shooter....
      zealanddonk: He's just hoping Colt Studios has some sort of "Blacked" product line and that they'll call him up.
      Phantom Limb: No, Chrissy, you are absolutely fucked. LOL
      TheRivers: His deepest and darker moment was when he realized that Einstein didn’t invent electricity.

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    Chrissy lacks the emotional control to stay on a consistent message.

    His own failures always seep into his messaging and life lessons being taught.

    I wonder if Stacy left him again, after a fight precipitated by the YouTube vanishing.

      TheRivers: I don’t believe Stacy every will leave him. That one time she disappeared for a bit (when he filled himself walking and claimed she was with him) was maybe as close as it will ever come

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    Alternatively Chrissy is just setting it up that chums who are Just Over Broke (hurr hurr) and donked off their money can join his chums club and be properous in 2024.

    Much like a million monkeys with typewriters, who inows, maybe one will actually correctly colour in the colouring in book.
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    There is a rumor that Chrissy was spotted hiding in the plants at Bellagio's Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

    Security located him and used a long lead rope to escort him off their property.

    Guests could hear Chrissy screaming at the top of his lungs as he was led out.

    You CHEATED me at the roulette table. BAAH BAAH Waaaaah!!!

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    The Goat's deepest darkest moments continue to get darker and darker.

    Don't you worry Chrissy.
    Whiskey Pete's Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada is looking for slot attendants and housekeepers.

    HR says that they will hire Stacy on the spot. Since Stacy has a degree as a RN, the property will hire her as the manager of housekeeping.
    HR said that even YOU are employable.
    However, since you do not have a college degree, they can only offer you minimum wage.

    Just suck it up Chrissy and let Stacy be the MAN of the house and the BREAD WINNER!

    Let That Sink In!

    Goat Life Chrissy!

    Mr. and Mrs. Goat

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      zealanddonk: If Chrissy was half as creative as you, he wouldnt be consistently in his dire situations. Excellent work
      1dollarboxcar: nice... don't let up.... +++++

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    Stacy did leave, and was spotted somewhere having some " cock tails " or at least she got the tail end of a few cocks.... something she hasn't probably seen since 9 months before Ooooker was born....

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