Don't know if anyone else is doing this - and its a little bit of a pain - but I created a private group in pokerstars home games - i scheduled a few tournaments a week with family and friends. I collect Venmo or Cash app from everyone before the game and payout the same way.

We play 5 dollar games 3 times a week - that way kids and parents can be covered and enjoy the game easily.

We play a 25 dollar tournament on Sunday nights.

Just our way of socializing, enjoying poker, and getting through this mess with a little fun.

Not sharing because i want people asking to play - really only want people locally in our friend circle - although i could never say no to druff if he wanted in lol.

Everyone stay safe.

Longtime listener - even back to his old site with Micon - but don't like posting unless I have something worth sharing. Hopefully this sparks some games.

The other thing Druff would like - no rake !!!!!