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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/28/2020 - Giving It 120%

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/28/2020 - Giving It 120%

    tradershky and Vintage One co-host. (Topic starts at 0:30:30 mark): Stubhub is acting unethically with their cancelled event policy, and we have both attorney Eric Bensamochan and ticket broker "Rob from Pennsylvania" to give their expertise on the matter.... (1:35:34): Mike Postle accidentally doxxes himself in legal filing, RounderLife website steps up defense of him.... (2:21:53): Interview with documentary director/producer Sandra Mohr about her "Poker Queens" documentary, and we learn about her secret identity..... (2:58:12): Prahlad Friedman has a jealous fit on Twitter, breaks up with his longtime girlfriend, gets back together.... (3:38:54): 2+2 is abandoning long-used vBulletin software for unpopular "Vanilla" software, users are angry.... (4:22:58): Isai Scheinberg pleads guilty, but what will his sentence be?.... (4:35:35): WSOP says that they won't make a cancellation or postponement until early May.... (4:51:24): Phil Galfond continuing to crush VeniVidi in remarkable comeback. Should questions be asked?.... (5:13:54): Antibody tests and three existing drugs give some hope regarding coronavirus fight.... (5:29:37): Four prominent names in poker -- David "Doc" Sands, Victor Ramdin, Andy Frankenberger, and Matt Savage come down with COVID-19.... (6:01:15): Can your heart rate tell you if you're about to come down with coronavirus symptoms?.... (6:29:49): Concierge medicine and the reason celebrities can get tested so fast.... (6:41:57): Rhode Island attempting to prevent New Yorkers from fleeing there.... (6:49:10): Most adults will get $1200 in assistance from the government, but do poker players qualify?.... (7:09:40): GGNetwork (GGPoker) bans players for "bumhunting".... (7:32:13): Bovada/Ignition has major lag problems, and Druff realizes it might be harming his poker game.... (7:49:39): Flashback to 1985: WSOP Main Event charges no rake due to major change in cash reporting law.

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