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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/21/2020 - What Happens in Vegas, Closes in Vegas

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/21/2020 - What Happens in Vegas, Closes in Vegas

    khalwat returns to co-host with Druff, along with tradershky. (Topic begins at 0:24:25 mark): Kenny Rogers passes away, here's a look at his famous poker song & career.... (0:43:58): Everyone is rushing to online poker again, but where is the best place for Americans to play?.... (1:02:00): onestep calls in to lament how the coronavirus has affected him.... (1:38:34): now has traffic but management is invisible.... (1:52:37): Las Vegas has done the unthinkable, shutting down all casino properties.... (2:11:50): Update on danger of blood pressure medications, and a discussion of Advil and aspirin's effect on COVID-19.... (2:28:28): Non-essential businesses shut down and people told to stay home, but are they obeying?.... (2:34:17): Why isn't the US testing enough people, and why is there no plan?.... (2:57:34): Most US adults to receive a check from the government soon, but Druff warns against a solution which involves printing new money to pay for it.... (3:22:06): Tax day has been moved to July 15.... (3:32:39): Why hasn't the WSOP announced the cancellation of the event yet? Druff has a theory.... (3:44:24): The three hosts play "The Coronavirus Game", attempting to distinguish symptoms between COVID-19, the flu, and a common cold.... (3:58:39): Kentucky Derby will not be in May for the first time since 1945.... (4:06:56): Flutter Entertainment refuses to use coronavirus in marketing, despite struggling in 2020.... (4:12:31): Three delayed WPT Final Tables won't take place for several months.... (4:26:54): In the absence of sports, many Americans are discovering Aussie Rules Football, and an Australian listener calls up to explain the game.... (4:46:06): Doug Polk announces he's quitting poker and won't make poker content anymore.... (5:33:06): Phil Galfond keeps beating VeniVidi1993, causing Veni to angrily quit the last session early.... (5:42:57): Lottery betting site shut down by UK Gambling Commission.... (5:49:09): Pokerstars introduces new "Swap Holdem" game, but is it anything besides a dumb gimmick?.... (6:00:34): UK high school curriculum to include responsible gambling instruction.

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