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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/14/2020 - Temporarily Suspended

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/14/2020 - Temporarily Suspended

    (Topic starts at 0:13:17 mark): Important warning to those who take blood pressure medication - you may be in danger of coronavirus complications!.... (0:36:29 mark): Commerce Casino employee tests positive for coronavirus, casino to shut down along with 3 others in LA.... (1:02:20 mark): Various east coast casinos close due to coronavirus.... (1:10:22): When will Las Vegas casinos close due to coronavirus?.... (1:32:05 mark): Stock markets crash amid panic, and cruise industry shuts down.... (1:59:38 mark): Hoboken, NJ introduces curfew, restaurant ban.... (2:01:37 mark): Major sports suspend season, and there's no March Madness in 2020.... (2:08:55 mark): Coachella delays itself for six months.... (2:25:06 mark): Hollywood behind-the-scenes crew member Vintage_One calls in to talk about industry shutdown.... (2:39:56 mark): Why hasn't the WSOP cancelled yet?.... (2:54:38 mark): Why are people hoarding, and is there behavior reasonable?.... (3:24:40 mark): Bitcoin crashes, and one of the causes has nothing to do with coronavirus.... (3:37:33 mark): How is America handling the coronavirus sitation?... (3:51:35 mark): How does COVID-19 compare with other health scares and the seasonal flu?.... (4:18:35 mark): Short editorial: The politicking of coronavirus needs to end.... (4:24:46 mark): Is this the start of a long-term trend of more online classes and work options?.... (4:41:45 mark): badguy23 checks in.... (4:58:36 mark): Phil Galfond is now handily beating VeniVidi in most matches, but can he erase his huge deficit?.... (5:14:20 mark): WSOP pants-dropper Ken Strauss seems to be out of the mental hospital.... (5:18:32 mark): Downtown Las Vegas casinos hit with cyber attack, affecting slot machines. tradershky co-hosts.

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