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    Yea, I've some seen some things at table games that are hard to believe. Just this past Saturday, a young fella from NY sat down at my BJ table to my left with $140 in 20s and 5s.

    Table minimums were a reasonable $15 and he proceeds to play 2 hands and put bets on both side bets(Perfect Pairs & Blazing Sevens). Literally 4 hands in he hits the Second highest payout for 10% of the Progressive, which came out to be $6618. He had no idea what he hit or what was happening. The pit boss pushed the Jackpot Pending button on the screen and congratulated him on his win. His buddy thought he won the entire jackpot amount of $66,180 and they were jumping around like all their financial problems were solved. Until someone informed them it was $6000 not $66K, then they got quiet and waited for the forms to sign to arrive.

    Managed to get a shot of it before the madness ensued...

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