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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/23/20 - Dead at The D

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 02/23/20 - Dead at The D

    (Topic begins at 0:23:21 mark): Druff is giving free hats away, find out how to get yours.... (0:33:10 mark): Phil Galfond appears on Chicago Joey show, is asked several questions from Druff.... (1:40:50 mark): Is the drawing rigged at a Wendover, NV casino?.... (2:08:14 mark): Danielle Barille apparently is the new head of, but who is she?.... (2:29:04 mark): Matt Glantz claims Doug Polk was in a gay bar in New Orleans.... (3:00:18 mark): "Dan Druff" is the first murder victim at Mystery Murder Dinner Theater at The D Las Vegas.... (3:20:22 mark): Holdem player with quad 9s came in third, and everyone used both holecards.... (3:31:37 mark): Details of 10.6 million MGM hotel guests posted on a hacking forum.... (3:51:14 mark): Update: Marc Klang claims he embezzled money to gamble, might go to prison.... (3:58:22 mark): Another Raymond Davis trial update.... (4:13:00 mark): Awkwafina will play Phil Ivey's edge sorting partner in upcoming movie about his legal battles.... (4:18:33 mark): Massachusetts state rep arrested for using campaign funds to gamble live & online.... (4:25:33 mark): UK Betting site MoPlay is insolvent and won't pay anyone, despite being licensed & regulated.... (4:38:20 mark): Insane new 6-card Omaha game introduced at Pokerstars -- will this catch on?.... (4:52:06 mark): Harrah's Resort Southern CA (Rincon) removes last 99%+ return video poker. tradershky co-hosts.

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