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Thread: Holdem player with quad 9s came in third, and everyone used both holecards

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    Holdem player with quad 9s came in third, and everyone used both holecards

      Jayjami: Wow

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    That's a Tuesday playing online.

      Tellafriend: Lol

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    fuck krypt
    lol holy shit

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    those look like redbird (5 dollar chips) . finally a really really bad beat worthy of mulva catastrophie on Global. Really amazing though. Thought I had seen everything but nothing like this. The white chips look like dollar chips.
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    WTF are those cards

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    mulva is confirmed quad T loser....don't believe check the grobul polka thread
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    Once beat quad queens with a royal....on bodog...sofa king rigged

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzmoney View Post
    WTF are those cards
    Those cards are made for Stud.

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