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Thread: Moviefone is bankrupt and is being run by one employee... and has no phone number anymore

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    Moviefone is bankrupt and is being run by one employee... and has no phone number anymore

    Can you believe this shit was bought in 1999 for $388 million by AOL? They couldn't see it coming that a phone-based service was going to be obsolete soon? I guess AOL -- also soon to be obsolete -- was an appropriate buyer.

    In a memorable Seinfeld series of scenes, Kramer pretended to be the Moviefone guy when people accidentally called him. I actually beat Kramer to the joke. Around 1994, I used to make prank calls to people where I pretended to be Moviefone calling them, claiming that it was a new service it was doing. Since I could recognize touch tones by pitch, I could actually respond to the numbers pressed, and I did a good enough imitation of the voice to where people believed it. Then I'd start saying outrageous things and see how long it took for people to figure out it was a prank.

    Currently Moviefone operates on, and seems worthless, despite supposedly being valued at over $4 million.

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    do you have any musical background, druff? Every learn any instruments?

    I know you have plenty of phone tone background, with the phreaking and the pranks and the whatnot, and what appears to be a pretty good memory, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could quickly get a good sense of relative pitch. Maybe even perfect pitch, wouldn't totally surprise me, but that's a thing you would likely already know about. You seem like a guy who could learn a few dozen guitar chords or a few piano chord forms, and be able to play a massive number of songs, campfire acoustic style.

    I remember when you announced (I think I remember anyway) your son's conception/birth/something you did so to an acoustic guitar, but my memory says it was your gf who played, but I could be wrong.

    Finally, 1917 is a one trick pony nobody will ever watch twice, since I fingered a movie post was worthwhile.

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