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Thread: Props to Druff- Good job.

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    Props to Druff- Good job.

    I dont post here much, not a poker player and not deep into the game here as most. But I do try to follow along on the PFA radio show when I can. I want to say thank you to Druff (Todd) for stepping up and recovering the $500 stolen from the player that died from cancer. Druff was able to recover the $500 and do the right thing and make contact with the family and attempt to return the scammed money. Ive known Druff for several years, we've met in person several times and he is one of the better people I know and trust, he is a good friend and model citizen, good father and has integrity. Again, I'm not in deep into your poker world and dont know all of the verbiage or culture, so I might get slammed here. But I wanted to post up here and say Thanks to TW for doing the right thing, contacting the family and following through. Good job.

      sah_24: Post is spot on
      Dan Druff: thank you!
      shoeshine box: word.

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    100 percent can trust Druff in whatever the situation .

      shoeshine box: word.

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