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Thread: Isai Scheinberg surrenders to US authorities, nine years after being indicted for running Pokerstars

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    Scott Tom moved to Antigua for 6 years before facing charges.

    1 week in jail and 300k fine

    He will pay his way out of jail don't worry about it.

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    Interesting. Will be curious to see what exactly he gets. Cool life. Computer guy who moved to Canada at 40 and starts an empire at like 50+ years old after being just a senior IBM programmer. I wonder what his son feels like? I’m sure his son pointed out to his dad the potential and encouraged him to get into the business. 28 when stars launched. I doubt dad was sitting around at 54 thinking about online poker. Son saw rounders like everyone else and knew dad had the computer chops is what I’d guess.

    Obviously the first inclination is this guy walks 99 out of 100 times.

    The one possible fly in the ointment is what does Adelson want?

    At first glance, billionaire Jew. Trump so tight with Israel atm. That SDNY attorney is former Rudy partner. You’d think he simply pays a big fine and walks. I remember searching years ago and wondering if there was any connection with Adelson and Isai. Some small mention popped up. This is like 6 years ago so I don’t know if the animus still exists. Article about sheldons war on online gaming.

    “Some think it’s no more complicated than a grudge. "I am told through the grapevine that Isai’s [Scheinberg, the founder of PokerStars] son was invited to do something with Sheldon," the Vegas lobbyist says. "Either he didn’t show up or he showed up late. Purportedly he just had this animus toward poker players ever since then."

    I remember reading that years ago and it felt an oversimplification. I’d guess it was more than that. However connected Isai is with Israel, he’s likely not as connected as Sheldon to Israel and certainly not to Trump. You wouldn’t think Adelson would still be angry, but he still seems to dislike online poker, and I’m curious about the extradition.

    Basically he walks every time unless Adelson has called in a marker.

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    He just needs a diagnosis from Ray Bitar's doc he'll be home lickity split.

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