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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/17/2020 - Play Smart, Play the Lottery!

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/17/2020 - Play Smart, Play the Lottery!

    (Topic starts at 0:33:01 mark): Update on the girl we called last week looking for her real dad.... (0:48:02 mark): Update on the author who wrote the pro-Postle blog.... (0:57:15 mark): North Carolina releases hilarious "Play Smart" campaign regarding their state lottery.... (1:32:30 mark): WSOP releases so-called "Value Menu" of events $1000 and under.... (2:03:02 mark): Prahlad Friedman thinks all men fantasize about gay sex.... (2:36:05 mark): After Druff makes fun of Matt Berkey's training course on Twitter, he receives an invite to sit in on it.... (2:57:14 mark): White trash Texas couple leaves toddler in running car while they gamble, car gets stolen.... (3:19:05 mark): Australia bans Ignition Casino and 8 other sites.... (3:28:26 mark): Harrah's Reno sold for $50 million, to cease being a casino property.... (3:59:36 mark): El Dorado Gaming sells El Dorado Casino in Shreveport, LA -- Montbleu Tahoe coming next.... (4:06:05 mark): Elderly man with Nevada ELVIS plates getting tickets from other states where he hasn't been.... (4:28:26 mark): If Target accidentally lists a $60 product for one cent, do they have to honor the posted price?.... (4:53:54 mark): Weird lawsuit in Australia involving failed poker backing deal.... (5:06:14 mark): Online poker has been legalized in Michigan.... (5:13:54 mark): Maine governor vetoes sportsbetting bill.... (5:17:58 mark): Druff releases updated list of best video poker to earn tier credits at Caesars properties.... (5:46:24 mark): Another PFA listener had a nightmare Bad Bead Jackpot payout situation.... (5:50:33 mark): Houston Astros sign stealing scandal: A reaction from a Dodgers fan.... tradershky co-hosts.

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