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Thread: Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/05/2020 - A River Doesn't Run Through It

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    Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 01/05/2020 - A River Doesn't Run Through It

    (Topic begins at 0:20:20 mark): Druff spends his New Years 2020 in Tahoe instead of Vegas.... (0:55:56 mark): "Independent" investigator Michael Lipman is now representing Stones Casino in the lawsuit against them.... (1:16:59 mark): ACR money trade scammer Brian Voytek at it again.... (1:41:32 mark): Karina Jett comes on the show to explain about her Vegas autism charity tournament.... (2:10:59 mark): Player at Golden Nugget Atlantic City claims he has a negative comp balance.... (2:22:01 mark): Slot Hustling 101: How to quickly and easily play +EV slots "Scarab", "Golden Egypt", and "Ocean Magic".... (2:45:05 mark): Ridiculous high stakes PLO8 hand in Bobby's Room sees "run it twice" scenario deliver a two-outer both times.... (2:55:49 mark): Several takers on "The Galfond Challenge" regarding high stakes heads up action.... (3:16:31 mark): Listener video poker question: Play better game at $20/tier credit or worse game at $10/tier?.... (3:35:14 mark): Vegas casinos now overrun with triple zero roulette games.... (3:40:30 mark): Macau casinos very profitable but still rapidly declining in revenue.... (3:49:25 mark): Louisiana casinos starting to move off of the water thanks to recent law change.... (4:06:27 mark): Sportsbetting launches in New Hampshire. tradershky co-hosts.

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