Some flash drives are FAT32 formatted, which will limit them to 32GB. You can fix this by deleting the partition on the flash drive, creating a new one, and formatting it as NTFS. Here's how:

1) Open a command window as administrator. Do this by typing "cmd" in the search bar, then when the Command Prompt entry pops up, right click it and then click "Run as Administrator"

2) Type "diskpart" to start the DISKPART program

3) Type "list disk" at the prompt, and you will see a list of disks. The last one listed should be your flash drive (verify this makes sense by the listed size). Then type "select disk" followed by the number of the drive. So if it shows up as disk 2, type "select disk 2".

4) Type "list partition" and it will show you the partitions. There should only be one. Type "select partition 1", and then "delete partition", and you will have deleted the partition on the drive. (If there's more than one partition, repeat this for each partition number).

5) Type "create partition primary" to create a new partition

6) Go to the drive in File Explorer and right click on it. Select "Format". The correct file size should show. Change File System to be NTFS. Make sure Quick Format is checked. Then press Start.

That's it! Your flash drive should be at full capacity now!