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Thread: Songs you like, post them here

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    At the Metroparks
    Fear Kills More Than Disease

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    Some might say that sunshine follows thunder
    Go and tell it to the man who cannot shine
    Some might say that we should never ponder
    On our thoughts today 'cause they hold sway over time

    Some might say we will find a brighter day
    Some might say we will find a brighter day, yeah
    'Cause I've been standing at the station
    In need of education in the rain
    You made no preparation for my reputation once again
    The sink is full of fishes
    She's got dirty dishes on the brain
    It was overflowing gently but it's all elementary my friend

    Some might say they don't believe in heaven
    Go and tell it to the man who lives in hell
    Some might say you get what you've been given
    If you don't get yours I won't get mine as well

    Some might say we will find a brighter day
    Some might say…

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    early REM show, before they broke through, but they were clearly on their way

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    reposting songs in honor of limitles

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    by request... I think?

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    Gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam,
    Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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    Gonna run off a bunch of songs tonight, in honor of our caustic, romantic, restricted Canadian friend.

    First time I heard this song was on the way to Bodie state park, middle of fucking nowhere in sunny NorCal. Immediately became a personal favorite.

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    inching closer and closer to me just posting Mountain Goats songs...

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    The last public gathering I went to before the world shut down was Eric Johnson in Framingham, MA. Got to meet him afterwards, and he legit might be the last person I ever shook hands with if things continue this way. He was super nice, and this was the song I kinda gushed abot to him, because so many bands I love have done versions of it, but none quite like he did. Because he's a fucking guitar god.

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    Here's one of my favorite posts on this god-forsaken shithole that we all love. I bump instead of re-posting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crowe Diddly View Post
    I wasn't always on team les. I didn't know where I stood or how I felt for a long time. A few years ago, tho, I knew. We ain't the same exactly, but we're the same, exactly. Even if he doesn't agree.

    From June '09, courtesy friend of the pokercast Mista Wizard, the greatest protest musician of our time Tom Morello, Boots Riley, and ya boys hanging back by the soundboard.

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    I was super-late in getting into the Cure. I literally didn't know a single cure song until I had to learn Friday I'm In Love for my cover band, at age 23, in 2000.

    It worked out for the better. I don;t think I was inclined to like the Cure in high school, and college was for other stuff, so I got to discover them later in life without preconceived notions or judgments. Good Lord, Robert Smith can write a helluva song...

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    I loved Alice in Chains from the first listen, but Jar of Flies blew my mind at the time.

    This isn't the best song on the album, but it's one where Layne sounds like he's living, not dying. Even though he's singing about trying to not die, or maybe to die quickly? I don;t know. To me, anyway. Maybe not.

    And yeah, I know Jerry Cantrell sings pretty much the whole thing, but that bridge, man, that's the whole fucking thing...

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      Crowe Diddly: fuck yeah.

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    never made it to the Mountain Goats tonite. next time...

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    shout out to Vancouver, eh?

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