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Thread: PokerFraudAlert Radio - 12/21/2019 - To Bank or Not To Bank, That is the Question

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    PokerFraudAlert Radio - 12/21/2019 - To Bank or Not To Bank, That is the Question

    (Topic begins at 0:24:31 mark): California Indian casinos attacking Commerce and other casinos on two fronts -- but who is in the right?.... (1:08:39 mark): Peter Jepsen ("Zupp") convicted of trojan-related cheating over 6-year span.... (1:24:05 mark): Unregulated, non-government companies are stalking your every move through your cell phone, and it's legal.... (2:14:04 mark): Ignition skims money from Druff's cashout.... (2:42:18 mark): Bovada/Ignition removes brings back deleted cash games, then removes them again.... (2:53:48 mark): Joe Biden expresses support for online poker, but what does that mean?.... (3:14:51 mark): WSOP announces dates for 2020 series.... (3:40:58 mark): Michigan legalizes online poker, sportsbetting.... (3:56:35 mark): Druff in the middle of a dispute involving former Playboy Playmate and actor Scott Schwartz.... (4:26:51 mark): Major bust of Canadian sportsbetting ring involves Hells Angels & Mafia.... (4:37:49 mark): Global Poker Awards to make tweak in order to prevent previous controversy from reoccurring.... (4:43:31 mark): Update: Tahoe video poker is still a good option for earning Caesars Diamond & Seven Stars.... (5:00:52 mark): Diamond members will lose free access to Las Vegas Caesars properties spas in 2020.... (5:10:29 mark): Hard Rock Atlantic City disappointed with early returns.... (5:27:45 mark): Vegas area restaurant serves cannabis-infused meal. tradershky co-hosts.

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