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Thread: Peter Jepsen ("Zupp") convicted of trojan-related cheating over 6-year span

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    Peter Jepsen ("Zupp") convicted of trojan-related cheating over 6-year span

    Peter "Zupp" Jepsen, a once respected online high stakes Danish pro, has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison and fined $3.9 million for his scheme.

    From 2008-2014, Jepsen installed trojans on the computers of other high stakes pros, after gaining access to their machines at EPT live events. He then could see their hole cards, and crushed them online. Supposedly he installed the programs in Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Aarhus, and Berlin. A Danish police IT worker, among others, have also been indicted related to the matter.

    Here is a translation of a Danish article about it:

    For several years, a professional poker player committed fraud against other players after installing a spy program on their computers.

    On Monday, the Copenhagen City Court ruled in a sentence that the man has been sentenced to unconditional imprisonment for two years and six months.

    The convicted person also confiscated DKK 26 million, city court reports.

    The criminal case was launched in May and is about the man's activities in relation to other players from 2008 to 2014.

    The defendant is largely convicted of the charge of fraud and hacking.

    The illegal profits that are confiscated are estimated at DKK 26,376,929 ($3.93 million US dollars).

    At the sentencing, the court stated that imprisonment for three years is actually an appropriate penalty. But six months have been deducted from the sentence because the case has been long overdue, said the prosecutor in the case, Lisette Jørgensen.

    The defendant has been protected by name bans, and this continues to apply, the prosecutor said.

    The man on the spot has appealed to the Eastern Lands Court, where he demands an acquittal.

    In a previous hearing, it emerged that it was his old friend who went to the police with the unusual review.

    Three witnesses - one man and two women - have told the court that the man admitted to them that they have installed the spyware on other players' computers.

    The confession fell during a stroll by one of the lakes in Copenhagen.

    "He says he installed the program to see my cards," said the male witness.

    As previously mentioned, the convicted person has pleaded not guilty. About his career, he says he got a taste for betting money through card games in the mid-'00s.

    Gradually he became so good at the game that he could make a living from it. He was completely engrossed.

    "In the beginning, before I had a girlfriend, I probably played for periods of 16 hours a day. That was the first thing I did in the morning. Then I went back and forth between the computer and the toaster," he said.

    According to the verdict, in addition to the $ 26 million, he has to pay almost $ 800,000 to a person.
    Original article:

    Jepsen is not named in the article due to Danish law which even protects convicted felons, but he's the subject for sure.

    It is not clear if the $3.93 million seized will be used to repay victims.

    In 2013, Jepsen was involved in another cheating controversy, where he was accused of multi-accounting in order to beat Viktor "Isildur1" Blom heads up out of $800,000. That session took place in 2009, but now is under further suspicion, as it's possible that Jepsen and/or his cheating partner (Robert Flink) had access to Blom's holecards via the trojan.

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    Is he the guy that stayed with doug polk and then used the shower attached to his bedroom and trojaned him?

      sah_24: Seems likely it is !

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    Quote Originally Posted by duped_samaritan View Post
    Is he the guy that stayed with doug polk and then used the shower attached to his bedroom and trojaned him?

    burgers gonna burg.
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