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Thread: *** OFFICIAL *** Druff & Friends Show Thread for 12/06/2019 *** 9:25pm PST START TIME ** $65 FREEROLL

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    *** OFFICIAL *** Druff & Friends Show Thread for 12/06/2019 *** 9:25pm PST START TIME ** $65 FREEROLL

    Show begins at approximately 9:25pm PST, on Friday, December 6, 2019.

    You can listen by going to our Radio tab above, or clicking here:

    "Call To Listen Line": Call (605) 313-0736 to listen to the show from ANY PHONE in the world! No smartphone or app required! If you do have a smartphone, this will NOT cost you any data. There's an alternate number at (641) 741-1095.

    Call in number: (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355. Make sure to show your caller ID, or the phone system will not let you through (you will probably get a busy signal)! You can also call our mountaintop number (an old '70s phone sitting on top of Mt. Charleston) at (702) 430-1808.

    You can also text Druff at any time before, during, or after the show, at (775) 372-8355 (our main phone number).

    You can follow along and interact with us in our live chat room, by clicking the Chat tab near the top of the screen. You need to be logged in and have flash capability on your computer to see the chat.

    There is a $65 freeroll tonight!

    Freeroll info
    Tournament Location: NoFraud Online Poker Room
    Tournament Date/Time: 9:35pm PDT on 12/6/2019
    Tournament Type: NL Holdem
    Tournament Buyin: FREE - it doesn't even cost you any play chips!
    Tournament Prizes: 1st: $32, 2nd: $20, 3rd: $13. I will send this to you by Zelle, Cash App, bank transfer, bitcoin, or "other" methods. PM me after you win to claim your prize.

    The following generous donations were received for this freeroll:
    WillieMcFML $65

    There is no tournament password. Go register now! There is now late registration allowed until 25 minutes after start time.

    *** IMPORTANT ***

    You must read the rules for the freeroll, as not everyone qualifies for the free money!

    Freeroll rules can be found here:

    Agenda for today:

    - Druff played his only WSOP Circuit event of the year

    - Maurice Hawkins, 13-time WSOP Circuit ring winner, criticizes recent decisions of the tournament series

    - Update: More information comes out related to Raymond Davis criminal case

    - Bovada/Ignition issues during Thanksgiving weekend freaks out players after they see zero balance

    - Update: Maryland Live eliminates hidden $10 chip add-on as a result of Allen Kessler & this show

    - British poker player Kalem Lodge convicted of biting off another player's ear after poker game

    - Jew Tip of the Week: Using built-in credit card insurance to get money BACK on destroyed recent purchases

    - Injured Arizona Cardinals player Josh Shaw suspended for betting against own team

    - Klay Thompson was even a fish at the Golden State Warriors team poker game

    - Daniel Negreanu to Host Poker Tournament at Fundraiser for Andrew Yang

    - Why does the bank ask intrusive questions when withdrawing a few thousand in cash?

    - Tips regarding things NOT to do when sportsbetting

    - Please suggest other good topics if you don't see them here!

    - We take your phone calls at (775) FRAUD-55 or (775) 372-8355

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    Weekly donkament results. Ballhawknet catches a break to take the top prize this time.

    Tournament=Radio Donkament
    Start=2019-12-06 21:35:01
    Place29=PLOL (0)
    Place28=BagOTrix (0)
    Place27=SamSnead (0)
    Place26=Landon_Mark (0)
    Place25=Dicepops (0)
    Place24=Daniel72 (0)
    Place23=DruffsX (0)
    Place22=VegasJim (0)
    Place21=SANLMAR (0)
    Place20=Flipper_Fair (0)
    Place19=player123 (0)
    Place18=m-u-l-v-a (0)
    Place17=snowtracks (0)
    Place16=UNO (0)
    Place15=kushstrain2 (0)
    Place14=Gordman (0)
    Place13=WillieStole (0)
    Place12=bingo (0)
    Place11=Dmndkutr (0)
    Place10=shoeshinebox (0)
    Place9=Salty_Aus (0)
    Place8=IamGreek (0)
    Place7=MdwstHstlr (0)
    Place6=tradershky2 (840)
    Place5=Cryptoninja (960)
    Place4=hutmaster (1320)
    Place3=PainlessWon (1800)
    Place2=sah_24 (2760)
    Place1=ballhawknet (4320)
    Stop=2019-12-06 23:32:57
    Quote Originally Posted by MumblesBadly View Post
    "So, yeah. I'm definitely a total fucking retard".
    Quote Originally Posted by Gene Hunt
    NoFraud Online Poker Room: For password resets and reload requests PM me.

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    Your grasp of UBI (well, Yangs version) is fucking awful. His taxes would be upon tech companies who are paying peanuts/nothing.

    Furthermore the vast majority of people will spend every single penny of it - meaning most of it goes to companies, and a big chunk back to tax. And the benefits to small business is huge as well, as more people will be able to afford to go to a cinema or have a meal in a resultant. It has the ability to really revive business.

    But from your speech about Yang itís clear youíve never even read his manifesto or listened to him speak, so youíre doing a disservice with misinformation.

    Shame on you

      sah_24: lol yang bots are just like bernie bots

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